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About “EuroKids” franchise

It is almost impossible to function in the modern world without proper education. It is especially significant to lay a solid base for kids. Learning processes for many children seem dull and unnecessary. But eagerness and devotion to education are built from an early age. That’s why it is essential to grant a fun and interactive learning experience to children, so they have pleasant and positive associations with education. EuroKids was established in 2001. It is considered to be one of the leading preschools in India. It has won numerous awards for its franchising and education programs.

About EuroKids franchise

For entrepreneurs eager to enter an early education market EuroKids franchise is the best business opportunity. It is a high quality institution that focuses on making the learning experience for kids pleasant and enjoyable, so they can learn new information and skills in their comfort zone. Only trained teachers that are devoted to the cause and can inspire the young generation work at EuroKids. If you strongly feel about playing a major role in ensuring a kid's development and positively impact the community, then EuroKids franchise might be just the right venture for you.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Credible and trusted brand. EuroKids features all essential certifications and licenses for operation, and goes miles to ensure children’s safety, which makes parents trust the brand.
  • Award-winning brand. The company has received many awards for its proven franchising program and quality of learning experience.
  • Training. All teachers undergo professional training, so they can better take care of kids and provide the best education experience.
  • Low investment. The EuroKids franchise does not require a lot of funds to get started.
  • High demand sector. Everyone recognizes how important it is to get education from an early age, so playschools will always be in high demand.
  • Guidance. EuroKids strives to support its franchisees and provide assistance and guidance in all aspects of operation.
  • Soul-soothing venture. You can really make an impact in kids’ lives and influence the way they perceive education. It is a heart-warming activity to educate and take care of kids.

Franchise requirements

EuroKids takes pride in its curriculum programs and attitude towards the younger generation. The brand constantly researches new information and learning techniques to grant an innovative and quality learning experience to kids. Prospective franchisees interested in joining the EuroKids network should share the same passion for making education fun and easy for young kids. Complete dedication and devotion to the EuroKids franchise is essential. Thus, if you wish to apply for consideration, then financial requirements must be met in order to get started. You can find financial information below.

How much does it cost to open the franchise

EuroKids franchise cost is estimated at 15-20 lakhs. Its cost includes rent, franchise fee, curriculum materials, employee salaries, and other expenses associated with managing a EuroKids franchise.

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The franchisor requires a royalty fee. However, the information regarding its percentage is not in the open access.

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