Franchise «Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium»

About the brand «Inginirium»

About the brand «Inginirium»

The key goal of the project is to form the new generation of talented engineers in each region of the world.

If you want to join in the development of the future elite of society, we will give you all the required competencies based on the experience of productive scaling of our business!

  • Franchise is for regional cities with the population over 50 thousand people.
  • Franchise «Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium» is based on the Russia’s leading technical university – the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
  • «Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium» is a flagship kids’ educational center. Its uniqueness is reinforced by the brand of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, as well as the teaching programs created by the top BMSTU graduates and young BMSTU teachers and scientists.
  • Over 6 years, we have trained more than 20000 kids using in-house methods developed in «Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium». The graduates of Inginirium enter the leading engineering Universities. Our portfolio features 62 pending job offers, four branches of Inginirium and more than 300 partner schools.


To date, «Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium» comprises more than 250 sites in Russia and abroad.

The franchise have been successfully adopted by the centers in Almaty (Kazakhstan), Krasnodar, Khimki, Mytischi, Egorievsk, Krasnogorsk, Andreevka, Ivanteevka, Aleksandrov, Samara, Tyumen, Kropotkin, Engels, Nizhnii Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Voronezh, Kazan.

The Inginirium network encompasses more than 20 000 students. We have more than 2 500 hours of educational content for kids and more than 40 engineering courses.

«Inginirium» - students

Revenue model

Get monthly revenue by implementing training program in the following tracks:

  • Robotics, 3D modeling, programming, engineering.
  • Summer holiday boot camps.
  • Introductory workshops.

Given the minimum number of 5 classes on a day off and 5 evening classes on weekdays in two classrooms for a study group of 8 people and the price-per-class of 25 dollars, the estimated revenue will be $24,000 dollars. After expenses, the net profit will be 6 000 dollars, the profit margin will be 25%.

How much does the «Inginirium» franchise cost?

«Inginirium» has a franchise fee of $50,000, with a total initial investment upwards from $31,800.

Starting Investment: upwards from $31,800
Payback period: from 10 to 18 months
Average turnover per month: from $12,000
Royalty: 10% of the turnover, the summer period is royalty-free.
Franchise fee: $50,000
Other current payments: none

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«Inginirium» - student

Franchise package

Support throughout the process from the idea to opening the second branch. We offer assistance with:

  • Selecting classrooms with 3D visualization of a classroom, interviewing employees (also: certification of teachers, further training, expert training).
  • Making a landing page(we provide a ready-to-use template).
  • Making a plan of optimal student enrollment given the economics of the project.
  • Forming the business development strategy.
  • Optimizing the traffic and the sources of leads.
  • Conducting business processes and evaluating the current state of the enrollment campaign by individual conferences.
  • Guiding the client based on the sales funnel.
  • Analyzing statistics from CRM and advertising.
  • Auditing of advertising campaigns, processing the incoming leads to get the result.
  • Efficient work on social media.
  • Meeting the KPI of the number of students.
  • Opening the second and the following branches.

Even a person with no business experience can easily onboard in the process of managing and organizing the work of an educational center with the support and guidance of the professionals from the team of the “Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium”.

Requirement for classrooms
  • Area upwards from 60 m².
  • The minimum of two rooms for simultaneous classes in two subjects.
  • A working place for a manager and an administrator.
Requirements for franchise buyers
  • Having free funds for investing.
  • Understanding that the franchise is merely a tool for making money.
  • Readiness to follow the instructions and recommendations.

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Advantages of the franchise

The advantages of the business in education are the following:

  • Smooth market enter and the possibility to avoid errors at the start of a project, as well as quick future progress.
  • Saving on design and marketing due to the renown of a brand.
  • All-round support of an experienced franchiser.
  • A ready-to-use business plan accounting for expenses, payback period and profitability.

In the era of technical progress, the spheres of information technology, further education, research and development are the most sought-after. So, the business in this sphere is always in demand. It is profitable and quick to pay off. It is a PROMISING AND ALWAYS PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

  • The brand of the Russia’s leading technical university — Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
  • Support throughout the process: from the initial concept to opening the second branch.
  • Unlimited branches in one town district without additional franchise fees.
  • Utilizing ready-to-use, enhanced business processes adapted to the current business environment.
  • Actualization and development of new study materials (including educational programs).
  • The branches undergoing training take part in engineering and technical activities on the country level.
  • Payback in less than 2 years.
  • Our business grows by the factor of two every two years, while the average profit margin is 30% of the turnover.

Make an inquiry and learn how to open the branch of the “Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium” in your town!

Become a member of the team of professionals of the “Bauman Moscow State Technical University Inginirium” and grow a society-important business with us!

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