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SUPERMOM - about the company

English is generally recognized language of international communication. The ability to apply it is an important skill, having which a person can open many doors to this wonderful World. Most people want to know English better, and our SUPERMOM team is convinced that the sooner you start learning it, immerse yourself in the so-called environment, the faster the goal will be achieved.

And we came up with the idea to open our own educational center, unlike the others, with a completely new approach to learning the language.

The first bilingual child development center "SUPERMOM" opened its doors in 2017. We quickly won the trust of our parents, became popular not only in our city, but also in the nearest settlements, gained and maintain a reputation as professionals in our field.

SUPERMOM - children education

The concept of "SUPERMOM" is to fully immerse children in the environment of the English language almost from birth. For them, a foreign language becomes a second native.

Children in our Сenter do everything that interests them - they sing and draw, play and dance, make crafts and create - and all this in English.

  • To make our little guests feel comfortable, we have created a homely, cozy atmosphere. Bright, colourful and interesting design – all that children like.
  • Our teachers are very attentive and sympathetic, the kindest people with a wonderful sense of humor. They will always support, help, tune in the right way. Children enjoy their classes
  • We have developed a unique educational program "SUPERMOM" with methodological materials for each age. The program is based on the communicative methodology of the Oxford University Press.
  • We have our own online learning platform, which we created during the pandemic restrictions, and now we successfully use it in our daily work.

Services provided by the bilingual child development center "SUPERMOM":

English language learning:

  • In groups
  • Individually
  • Online
  • Speaking clubs with native speakers

Classes in English:

  • Crafting
  • Artclass
  • Music
  • Neurogames
  • Design
  • Sand therapy

Short stay group - mini kindergarten

  • Day care center
  • School preparation groups
  • Summer camp
  • Partner training programs on the territory of kindergartens, schools, art houses, etc.

We work with children from 1 year old, schoolchildren and adults.

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SUPERMOM - children education 2

Franchise description

In any country of the world at any time there will always be a stable need for children's education - everyone wants to give their children only the best, to raise them happy, kind and educated.

An increase in the birth rate entails an increase in spending on children's goods and services, and even during the difficult pandemic period, the teachers of our Center did not stop working online.

Now we are at the stage of development when the demand for our services exceeds the supply and our plans are to develop, grow both within our country and abroad.

We invite everyone who is interested in our concept and who is ready to grow and develop with us to join our super team "SUPERMOM".

In addition to the classic franchise, we have prepared an anti-crisis offer - the Franchise Constructor. It makes it possible to open a profitable business with “SUPERMOM”, relying on a wide range of resources and possibilities of potential partners.

The Franchise Constructor is a list of services for opening, launching, operating a child development center that our Team provides. Each service has its own cost. Thus, you determine yourself (with our help, if necessary) what you and your business need.

The Franchise Constructor consist of components grouped together:


An example of using the Franchise Constructor

For the owners of private kindergartens. On its base it will be possible to add English classes according to the program “Mini Kindergarten in English - 3 hours without a mother - Super PlayGroup". This is a program for children from 1 to 7 years old, consisting of 12 monthly topics.

It includes detailed plans with activities and tasks, as well as blocks of SuperMom English language study programs - Step by Step and Super Kids.

You will find this program in the Franchise Constructor.

SUPERMOM - children education 3

Franchise formats and prices

  • Format «English Study Room»
  • Format «Bilingual Center»

Format «English Study Room»

We offer our partners to open an English language study room "SUPERMOM" in any, even small city. If you already have your own office or a small Center, we suggest reformatting it to fit our concept.

FormatServicesPremises areaLocationEmployees
English Study RoomAdditional children’s education From 50 m2Sleeping areas, proximity to socially significant objects1 administrator, 3 teachers, 1 other personnel

Initial Investments:
Starting investments for Center with the area 50 m2, 2 study rooms

Franchise feefrom $15 000
Expenses for the premises (design project, repair, etc.)from $ 5 000
Equipment and furniturefrom $ 2 000
Methodical materialsfrom $ 1 000
Rent and utility costs (1st month)from $ 5 000
SALARY (1st month)from $ 4 000
Advertising opening campaignfrom $ 2 000
Other expansesfrom $ 1 000

Total Investments for opening the English Language Study Room “SuperMom” - from $ 35 000

Payback period: From 11 months
Royalty: 5% from the turnover monthly
Franchise fee:

CityFranchise fee
Former cis countries$15,000
Other countries$20,000

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Format «Bilingual Center»

We offer our partners to open a complete bilingual child development center "SUPERMOM"

FormatBilingual child development center
ServicesAdditional children’s education
Premises area From 140 m2
LocationCentral streets of the city. Good transport accessibility, parking, proximity to socially significant objects. Residential complexes
Employees2 administrators, 8 teachers, 1 other personnel

Initial Investments:
Starting investments for Center with area 140m2, 4 study classes

Franchise feefrom $15 000
Expenses for the premises (design project, repair, etc.)from $ 50 000
Equipment and furniturefrom $ 20 000
Methodical materialsfrom $ 5 000
Rent and utility costs (1st month)from $ 12 000
SALARY (1st month)from $ 8 000
Advertising opening campaignfrom $ 10 000
Other expansesfrom $ 5 000

Total Investments for opening the Bilingual child development center «SUPERMOM» - from $125 000.

Payback period: From 18 months
Royalty: 5% from the turnover monthly
Franchise fee:

CityFranchise fee
Former cis countries$15,000
Other countries$20,000

What is included into the franchise fee:

  • Work as part of the network under the trademark "SUPERMOM"
  • Individual business development plan
  • Assistance in the choosing location and premises
  • Detailed cost estimates for launch and further operation
  • Assistance in recruitment
  • Training of teachers in educational methodology and customer service standards
  • Training for the manager of the Child Development Center
  • All methodical and educational programs of "SUPERMOM" (updated in the process of cooperation), according to the chosen franchise format
  • Acquiring New Customers Technics
  • Marketing plan for the launch of the child development Center
  • Templates for marketing materials. Brand book «SUPERMOM»
  • Social media content
  • Access and use of ACS CRM Alpha
  • Legal document templates
  • Assistance in obtaining a license
  • Consultations from the owner of the network at every stage

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Franchise Buyer Requirements

Do you want to have a profitable business?
Join our SuperMom team – a company for those who love children, English and ready to earn money!

SUPERMOM - requirements

Franchise advantages

  • Opportunity to enter the network of bilingual child development centers "SUPERMOM" at the initial stage of network formation
  • Profitable business in a stable children's education market
  • Franchise Constructor - the opportunity to become part of the «SUPERMOM» team even with minimal investments
  • An effective model for launching and developing the Child Development Center
  • Opening within 2 months after the start of cooperation
  • Profit from the 2nd month of operation of the Child Development Center
  • Fast return on investments
  • Unique language learning methodology "SUPERMOM" with proven effectiveness
  • High standards of «SUPERMOM» pedagogics based on love and development of the child's personality
  • Participation in all marketing activities
  • Help, advice, recommendations from the “SUPERMOM” team at every stage
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