Franchise of Art school Unik-Um by Ekaterina Skuratova

Unik-Um Franchise Opportunities

Unik-Um franchise

You get a teaching methodology - 20 hours of video lectures. You get a description of the lessons - 50 lessons. Every three months, you get new lessons from the company. You get access to a student assessment. This assessment is necessary to understand the unique qualities of the student.

What type of courses you can offer to the clients:

  • Painting of the classical school of painting,
  • Classical drawing,
  • Construction.

Students develop different types of thinking: abstract thinking, spatial thinking, creativity. The training includes game technologies.

Size of school, class rooms

To run the franchise you need a room of at least 40 square meters, tables and chairs.

Unik-Um franchise for sale

Unik-Um Franchise Offer

We develop the most credible models of human development, the development of personality and thinking. We are constantly replenishing our arsenal and are happy to share with you.

Our franchise grows with us. We make people happy and free, because we give knowledge and personal development.

Soon we will start painting and language development, painting and the development of mathematical thinking.

We offer you to join us!. This is the most pleasant business when you see the happiness of a child and the development of his unique talents.

Unik-Um franchise cost
Unik-Um franchise to own

How much does the Unik-Um franchise cost?

Ekaterina Skuratova's school has a franchise fee ranges from $5,000, with a total initial investment from $10,000.

Initial investments: $10,000
Payback period: 12 months
Royalties: 5%
Franchise fees: $5,000
Other current payments: none

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Success story

Unik-Um franchise investment

The introduction of the founder Ekaterina Skuratova

I started my first school when I was 16. The school was aimed at children aged 6 years old. I created technologies,which can unlock creative potential. I made the platform that analyzes changes in the development of thinking during our lessons. This analysis shows the unique features of a person.

Unik-Um Franchise Business Model

The price of 1 class (3 hours)-$150 per student
Minimum 6 students per day
You can make $900 per day
You can hold two or three groups per day
Payment to the teacher per day - $400

Unik-Um franchise fee
Unik-Um franchise opportunities
Requirements to buy ekaterina skuratova's school franchise
  • Availability of online students.
  • Availability of premises, if you do the school offline.
  • In the room you need: tables, chairs, easels, sink.

Unik-Um Franchise Advantages

  • Online equipment and communication with students
  • Minimal financial costs
  • Constant training of teachers in new technologies
  • Students receive an analysis of the development of thinking
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best franchise to own - Unik-Um Franchise
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