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Franchise of Speedcubing Children`s Center UKUB

What is speedcubing?
It is an engaging kind of sport which develops memory and logical thinking. Rubik's Cube championships became popular worldwide. Solving Rubik's Cube, the participants feel the spirit of competition, excitement and joy of victory.

In our center Rubik's Cube is solved for 11 seconds!

Franchise of Speedcubing Children`s Center UKUB
Franchise of Speedcubing Children`s Center UKUB

We apply our own methodology for teaching kids aged from 4 years to solve the puzzle.

We offer classes for school kids groups, private lessons and private home lessons. Adults are also our audience. We organize corporate events, using the idea of solving Rubik's Cube. During the event the teams create their own pictures made of Rubik's Cubes.

Franchise opportunities - UKUB

Rubik`s Cube is having the second wave of its popularity. It hit shelves worldwide in 1980. Apparently, everyone has an old Rubik's Cube which their parents solved then. Open speedcubing center now and make money on highly evolving trend of early child development.

On average, a child is attending the center from 1 to 3 years, the period of learning depends on the complexity of puzzles.

The lessons are fun, kids see their progress, take part in competitions and improve their performance at school.

Franchise for Sale - UKUB

UKUB franchise is intended for the people who like to work with kids; willing to build relationships with schools and companies, have zest to life and willingness to deal with and develop educational or event business.

To start the center not more than 2 people are required: you and a teacher/ trainer.

How much does UKUB franchise cost?

UKUB has the total initial investment range of up to $20,000.

Initial investments: $ 20,000

  • Rental
  • Equipment ( Rubik's Cubes and other puzzles)
  • Furniture
  • Polygraphy
  • Uniform for employees
  • Lump sum payment

Payback period: from 5 months
Average monthly turnover: on request

  • Group and private classes
  • Master classes for school kids
  • Master classes for corporate events
  • Selling Rubik's Cubes and other puzzles

Royalty: on request
Franchise fee: on request

  • The right to use Ukub methodology
  • Useful material for classes
  • Training on group enrolment and arranging corporate parties
  • Partner discount for purchasing puzzles
  • Adding to company website
  • Training in Ukub Moscow`s center

Other current expenses: none

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UKUB franchise business-model

You can make good money with the cubes!

Our experience suggests that there are 5 efficient ways to make money with Rubik's Cube.

  1. Group and private classes for preschool and school kids
  2. Master classes at schools
  3. Corporate events for companies and teambuilding
  4. Selling puzzles
  5. Creating custom pictures/ Rubik's Cube Mosaics for interior design


Customer reviews on UKUB speedcubing center

Speedcubing club for kids

  • On average, there are 18 kids who attend group classes (approx. 5 people in each group), 4 classes a month, one hour each
  • Near 7 new students are enrolled every month, they attend private lessons
  • More than 40 classes are held at home
  • 3 master classes for 2 hours each are conducted at schools

Income: on request

Corporate events

2 events a month. Event scenario is written for every customer.

Income: on request

Selling puzzles

On average, 10-20 Rubik's cubes are sold per month
The buyers are mostly our center students
There are more than 30 different puzzles available at the store

Income : on request

Creating Rubik's Cube Mosaics

The price of the mosaics depends on its complexity and size

Total turnover from all services: on request.

Trainer`s salary, hourly rental, communication services, income tax (simplified taxation system).

Profitability: 48%

Requirements for buying ukub franchise:
  • Availability of the necessary funds
  • Willingness to develop educational business for kids
Requirements for an office :
  • From 15 sq.m, equipped with a table and chairs

Advantages of UKUB speedcubing franchise:

  • 3 own well-established centers in Moscow
  • Trend for learning to solve Rubik's Cube among kids and youth
  • Manuals for Partner`s trainers (UKUB own training methodologies)
  • Internships for trainers in Moscow center
  • Our trainers (cubers) are champions and world record holders
  • The result that the students will learn to solve Rubik`s Cube is guaranteed
  • Adding Partner to u-kub website
  • Promotion on social networking sites ( Instagram: ukub, facebook: ukubgroup, vk: ukubgroup)
  • Sharing methods and approaches to groups enrollment
  • Sharing methods on building relationships and communication with educational establishments.
  • Starting investments from:
    20 000 $
  • Company type:
    Education centre
  • Company foundation year
  • Year of launching the franchise
  • Trained kids:
  • Own centers:
  • Franchise enterprises:
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Information provided: Individual entrepreneur
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