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About “Kidzee” franchise

The brand was established in 2003. Its main focus is to provide early childhood education in order to make it easier for kids to enter primary schools and better navigate different aspects of life. Children learn new information, socialize, and have fun playing. Kidzee acts as a playschool that offers an innovative approach to children’s education. All teachers at Kidzee preschool undergo comprehensive training, so they can grant the best experience to kids.

About Kidzee franchise

Children's education is a lucrative industry that is gaining more momentum every year. Thus, the Kidzee franchise would be an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs that want to operate in the early education sector. Kidzee is considered to be the leading and largest playschool chain in India. It has more than 2000 units in over 740 cities throughout the country. So, if you are thinking about starting an educational establishment, then the Kidzee franchise is the way to go. The company grants many perks and benefits to its franchisees, and the investment required for the setup is not very high. Thus, the parent company promotes a high profit margin.

Advantages of the franchise

  • Leading brand. The company has established itself in the early education market as an industry leader with solid foundations.
  • Training programs. Kidzee strives to maintain the highest standards of education and learning experience, so all franchisees and teachers have to undergo training that will allow them to provide top education.
  • Proven business model. Kidzee has surely managed to develop a well-working business model that has proved to be effective over 20 years of operation.
  • Marketing support. The franchisor takes care of all promotional campaigns and advertising, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it.
  • Guidance. Franchisees receive assistance with infrastructure, designing, operations, and recruitment.
  • Low investment. For such a renowned brand, Kidzee franchise requires not a very high investment to get started.
  • Tested methodology. The brand grants all necessary materials, manuals, and resources to ensure that the curriculum is well-structured, credible and meets the standards.
  • Positive impact. With Kidzee you get a chance to positively influence the young generation and help them realize and express themselves. The brand prides itself on finding unique approaches to each child.

Franchise requirements

Kidzee appreciates candidates with dedication to its cause. Entrepreneurs with eagerness to provide the top class education and willingness to undergo certain training are welcomed. There are minimum area requirements that have to be followed, and investment that has to be provided. All financial information is presented below.

How much does it cost to open franchise

Kidzee franchise cost depends on the area of operation and its built-up. The cost is estimated at approximately 12 lakhs-15 lakhs.

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All franchise and advertising fees are included in the initial investment. Thus, there is no royalty fee required.

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