Сonceptual coffee shop franchise with magic predictions on coffee grounds and Tarot cards «COFFEE & TAROT»


Coffee shop concept franchise with magic predictions on coffee grounds and tarot cards "COFFEE & TAROT". Every trip to the "COFFEE & TAROT" becomes an occasion for a photo shoot and getting growth motivation.

The coffee shop "COFFEE & TAROT" was opened on June 23, 2020 and immediately won people's hearts. It is located on the central street of the city and attracts visitors with its intriguing name and unusual design. The name of the coffee shop is designed to remove the visitors' fear about esotericism. And arouse interest in what is inside the coffee shop. The coffee shop uses a soft psychological format of esotericism, which arouses interest and comfort from being in a cozy atmosphere.

 COFFEE & TAROT – Entrance and design

We opened on the first day after the pandemia restrictions in the restaurant business, after the first wave of quarantine - in the summer of 2020. The pandemic has become a new challenge for all of us. People had to find themselves in 4 walls, be alone with themselves and look for answers to many questions that had no answers. And during this difficult period, we wanted to show that people really need communication. It is in the new era that people need answers to their questions.

We decided to give our guests the opportunity to believe that everything will still be and open their eyes to their inner world, resource and purpose. Sometimes, in order to move towards yourself, you need to get an answer to a question in time. We have created a fabulous magical space through which a person not only begins to trust us, he begins to trust himself.

COFFEE & TAROT – cozy cafe atmosphere

Everyone knows that close people are always invited to a cup of tea or coffee. This ritual in the company of a close friend is sometimes a salvation and exhalation. We tried to create our project so that more people could touch themselves through the usual ritual. Find answers to your questions by esotericism, by playing tarot cards and fortune-telling on coffee grounds.

We employ professionals with psychological education and can easily give hints to any questions that people need so much through a light conversation.

In the light of recent events in the world and psycho-emotional stress, we want people to find their answers easily! After all, this is not work on yourself, for which not everyone has a resource left, this is something that can allow you to start thinking about yourself and relying on yourself.

«Our mission is to remind you that only you are the creator of your destiny, and we are only helpers who create conditions for you, facilitating your path to yourself» - Larina Ekaterina is the founder of the coffee shop.

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COFFEE & TAROT – tarot cards and coffee

Franchise offer

Our business idea is the synergy of combining several services, which results in something interesting and commercially attractive.

Coffee shop menu:

  • coffee-based drinks
  • a wide selection of tea
  • desserts

The main services of the coffee shop:

  • fortune-telling for coffee
  • tea divination
  • tarot card reading


  • transformational games
  • bachelorette parties
  • master classes
  • holidays

Online service:

We have created an entertainment and information portal where you can find interesting esoteric information and tell fortunes in real time.

Our main advantage is the management company, whose staff consists of professionals. Marketers will ensure the flow of guests through effective marketing programs, operational directors will implement and optimize business processes. The top officials of the company will teach you how to plan a budget, forecast expenses, manage effectively and get the desired profit.

Our experience and knowledge will help you create your own successful business.

COFFEE & TAROT – range of sweets in the cafe

COFFEE & TAROT Business Model

We have developed a unique concept suitable for different locations and target audiences. With us you can choose the right business format!

Room requirements:

  • large display windows;
  • location on the first line;
  • availability of a separate entrance;
  • possibility of placement in the shopping center.

The format is suitable for city guests (tourists), modern youth, lovers of experiencing new emotions and visiting an atmospheric institution.

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COFFEE & TAROT – Tarot card reading

How much the COFFEE & TAROT franchise cost?

COFFEE & TAROT has a franchise fee starting at $20,000 with a total initial investment beginning at $35,000.

Initial investments: from $35.000

  • Expenses for the creation of an individual entrepreneur
  • Rental deposit (2 months)
  • Repair
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Small machinery
  • Tableware
  • Employee Form
  • Software Installation
  • Video surveillance
  • Signage/branding
  • Household expenses
  • Working capital
  • Advertisement

Payback period: from 9 months
Average turnover per month: $35,000
Royalties: 6%
Franchise fee: from $20,000

What is included in the franchise fee:

  1. The right to use the registered bran
  2. The financial model Calculation for your city
  3. Step-by-step guide to launching a project
  4. Full list of required documentation
  5. Detailed instructions for doing business
  6. Support when choosing a format and a room
  7. Assistance in conducting negotiations with the landlord
  8. Creating the right space layout, visualization, design project and 3D visualization
  9. Full estimate for repairs and purchase of furniture and equipment
  10. Providing an optimal staffing template for the operational activity stage
  11. Assistance in recruitment and certification. Providing job profiles for employees (barista, sorceress, manager)
  12. Training in the methodology for the provision of services (divination)
  13. Departure of the start-up team for training and opening of the point (1 sorceress and owner for 1 week)
  14. Barista training (2 people) - 3-5 days at our point or Coffee Academy, sorceress training (2 people) - 1 week at the point (including internship) + 1 month of online course during work, owner training 3 days at your point
  15. Cafe Operational Management Training
  16. General CRM system and user training
  17. Consulting support on business issues
  18. Recommendations on the dessert menu and the provision of technological maps of all drinks
  19. The possibility of increasing the receipt with the help of additional products: merch, shawls, plaid, watches, candles
  20. Transfer of technologies for events: transformational games, hen parties, master classes and holidays
  21. Providing a list of the main suppliers
  22. Brandbook - corporate identity
  23. Marketing materials (POS materials: business cards, certificates, leaflets, etc.)
  24. Setting up an advertising campaign from an effective marketing department for your city
  25. Services of a centralized sales department before opening The provision of a landing page for the city
  26. Creating a page in social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram) and providing content for 1 month before the cafe opens (photos, description, posts, stories). A marketing plan for running social networks.
  27. Dedicated Business Support team
  28. Posting about the opening of a new point on the company's corporate website
  29. Providing a loyalty program

Other current payments: none

Royalty Support:

  • Constant support by federal advertising campaigns during the entire term of the agreement: Event, YouTube, exhibitions, conferences
  • Regular on-site inspection by the copyright holder to assess control and administrative activities for compliance with regulatory standards once every 3 months
  • Constant consulting support of a business partner
  • Legal support and development of necessary documentation
  • Support in organizing events
  • Refreshment of the drinks menu (seasonal menu)
  • Audit of the company according to the CRM system
  • Assistance in maintaining social networks, drawing up a content plan
  • Personal Manager
  • Accounting support (consultations)

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Requirements for franchise buyers:
  • It is desirable to have the premises owned or on a long-term lease.
  • Entrepreneurship experience is welcome.
  • Availability of free financial resources.
  • Acceptance and compliance with the terms of the franchise agreement.

COFFEE & TAROT franchise advantages

The interior design creates the illusion that you are in a fantastic world. Fabulous birds and unusual flowers, artfully executed on satin fabric, give a metropolitan gloss to the institution.

COFFEE & TAROT – cafe design and cafe setting

The sorceresses of the cafe invite guests to go on an exciting journey through the future with the help of Ethiopian coffee or a deck of cards.

Each of us thinks about what awaits him in the future, but not everyone tries to find out, but only thanks to this interest, the coffee shop was born.

So, the co-founder of the coffee shop, Katerina Larina, on March 13, 2020, sought advice from a tarologist, where she learned about her purpose and 3 months later opened the first coffee shop with fortune-telling.

The company's mission is to make as many people as possible aware of their purpose and get motivated for development with the help of esotericism, psychology and a cozy atmosphere.

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