Kraft draught beer franchise: "Our business is not complicated, the most important thing is ー the desire to work"

| 12.09.2023
KRAFT franchise

The Kraft plant was founded in 2015. It operates on German equipment and was designed by engineers from Germany. Today, more than 40 varieties of branded beer are produced here, and the products are supplied to major food chains and branded stores.

How did your business start? Why did you choose the field of beer production?
I studied a lot of European experience in the brewing industry, I knew how everything was organized there, and I liked the European approach. As a result, our brewery was designed according to European standards, and all the brewing equipment - German GEA - was supplied on a turnkey basis. This spared us from risks and miscalculations. In addition, the brewery has its own well with natural water - this is one of our important differences from other producers. As a rule, breweries osmose water for beer production or brew with unsuitable water at all.

We want to see active people in our partners. Being an entrepreneur is an interesting experience, it is a drive, it is work and a hobby at the same time. It is a pleasure to work with those who understand this.

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