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| 08.06.2020
Nigiwai Sushi franchise

The origins of the absolute pinnacle of Eastern haute cuisine, Japanese cuisine.

The cultivation of a holistic dining experience is central to Japanese tradition, with practitioners striving for excellence with every detail and recognition honors the respect and appreciation of ingredients. With a rich history dating back since 1868, after Meiji restoration, Japan open itself consciously with the outside world. They pursued a policy of active importation of Western food culture- These influences resulted in several foundation principles of Japanese cuisine and creation of new menu. Influence of Western cuisine on modern Japanese food is highly present nowadays, yet the food resources from the ocean have historically played a significant role in the Japanese diet. Surrounded by water and filled with streams blessed with freshwater fish, it’s only natural fish remains the primary source of protein for the island, Japanese highlight the importance of a sustainable aquaculture appreciation, form ocean to table- By considering caught in a sustainable manner, adopt an efficient method practised to handling fresh fish to brings a distinct, unique spin to tried and tested Japanese flavours- serve you at the table. And that is one of the example on how Japan appreciate aquaculture and addresses their responsibility to the world’s aqua-ecosystem.

Why Japanese cuisine?

In recent years, Japanese restaurants have proliferated around the globe. Not only the fact that every facet of the Japan’s cuisine is about impeccable presentation, clean flavours and fresh ingredients, but even in the cold kitchen- every details matter, from the work of preparation, preserving and serving of fish in the raw. The Japanese diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, and for that reason the Japanese restaurant are still increasing and are growing in popularity and leading in food market.

The expansion of Japanese restaurant industry

In the past 5 years, many Japanese restaurant parading into the global market such as in Europe, America, Australia— Even in Asia, it is making an outstanding growth. Especially in consumers perspective towards Japanese food, they admire as it has a refreshing and delicate flavor that comes from the absence of heavy spices and a lightness that results from an extremely low use of dairy products and fat. Some people believe that tasty food requires the use of unhealthy ingredients, but Japanese cuisine makes an exception to this common belief as it is both tasty and healthy. Moreover, for entrepreneur’s perspective— quality is of tremendous importance along with highly skilled chef who knows has steeped in knowledge of the flavor, aroma, and texture distinctive of each kind of fish and trained to know how to enhance the indulge of the flesh while preserving its freshness. Reflecting the expert preparation and superb presentation that defines fine-dining cuisine, as well as its sensitivity to the nuances of fresh, natural produce— This exclusive undying passion for the world of culinary arts and devotion for traditional also gives a heads up to all investors to see how the Japanese cuisine the rapidly grow and jump from trend to world’s mainstream.

Nigiwai Sushi

We are Thailand’s based Japanese restaurant, we serve high quality and affordable Japanese culinary experience— and offer professional restaurant managing operating system, resource management training, as well as marketing training programs— which is crucial element that make us successfully expanded into many outlets throughout the country. At Nigiwai Sushi, we emphasise the importance of the quality of original flavour of fresh ingredients and delivery an outstanding customer services— also offer high quality of store operational system to manage, monitor and control all aspects of the restaurant such as Restaurant Security cameras help you keep watch on your restaurant and it allows you to view remotely via your preferred devices, Restaurant management system which allows you to visual sales and reports. We, Nigiwai Sushi, are right for you— who has a passionate to bring the authentic Japanese fusion dining experiences with the freshest and finest ingredients with the aim to grow and expand with us Nigiwai Shushi.

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