The «Kraft» Quality in everything

| 05.07.2023
The «Kraft» Quality in everything

The «Kraft» brewery franchise is a quality beer. Quality in everything: in the product, in the service, in the approach! The uniqueness of the franchise is that all drinks are produced on the best German equipment GEA, and are made on the basis of natural artesian water from their own wells, as evidenced by the large number of awards from various exhibitions and high reviews of our foreign partners!

Our advantages:

  • More than 1500 square meters of commercial space;
  • More than 40 thousand connoisseurs of beer philosophy have become regular customers;
  • Our franchisees have on their staff more than 90 professional consultants who are in a continuous process of learning and improvement;
  • The range of drinks undergoes thorough quality control in the factory’s own laboratory, which makes more than 180 tests per day.

To learn more about the assortment of the brewery «Kraft» you can leave a franchise application at the link: