What's new in Algorithmics' LMS?

| 16.08.2022
What's new in Algorithmics' LMS?

What is a learning management system? To put it short, a learning management system is a software application for the administration, training programs, tracking, and reporting. This software should be as convenient as possible for all types of users: students, teachers, administrators, and school owners. And although our LMS has received quite a few awards over the past year, we do not stop improving it.

And today we are sharing with you a fresh update that will make the process of monitoring student progress even more convenient for our teachers.

We are introducing to you the “student success” tab ✨
This tab is designed for teachers to help them keep track of their student's progress.

  • a teacher can quickly switch between group lessons and immediately see the average mastering of the topic by students (the percentage of completion of compulsory tasks);
  • inside each lesson on one screen you can quickly see if there are failures in passing specific levels and where one of the students is stuck;
  • also for each level you can see a brief summary: solved in the lesson or not, solved correctly / partially / incorrectly, how many attempts were made, see information on bonus tasks;
  • more detailed commentary and some calculation formulas.
What's new in Algorithmics' LMS? &mdash& 2

Thus, the teacher will be able to quickly and easily understand which of the students needs help, whether it is worth dwelling on the topic longer and analyzing it again, or the topic has been learned well and you can move on.

We sincerely believe that a well-designed learning process will allow students to learn with pleasure, and teachers to teach with pleasure.

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