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EduCare4u Franchise Opportunities

EduCare4u, with headquarters in Singapore, is an established education hub providing professional education management services in the areas of guardianship / homestay, tuition, summer camp, educational roadmap and school application. By becoming our Franchisee, you will have access to our tested and proven professional education management business system to operate our business.

EduCare4u Pte Ltd is a professional education management company that provides comprehensive services for foreign students. Through its services, EduCare4u helps foreign students in the following ways:

  1. Apply to enrol them in suitable schools.
  2. Help them meet the expectations of a different academic system.
  3. Assist them to adapt to unfamiliar cultures and make new friends.
  4. Work towards cultivating in them good character and life-long skills.

Founded in 2002 by Ms Alvina Khoo, a school teacher by training and Masters (MBA) graduate from the University of Hull, EduCare4u has helped more than 1,500 foreign students through its professional education management services.

The professional education management services to be offered by the Franchise are:

EduCare4u franchise

Franchisee should have a residential home unit that is able to provide guardianship / homestay, tuition, and day care services to students (children). The residential home unit can be an apartment or a house. It should be furnished, and have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining area and 2 to 3 toilets. The size typically varies from 1,000 square feet to 2,000 square feet.

EduCare4u franchise for sale

EduCare4u Franchise Offer

  1. Franchise Business
    The setting up, management and operation of educational services and products under the brand names and trademarks of “Educare4u”, using the Franchisor’s curriculum, know how, materials, methodology, processes, tools, operating systems, technology and other Intellectual Property (the “Business”). The educational services and products are as follows:
    1. Guardianship / Homestay
    2. School Recruitment
    3. Summer Camp
    4. Tuition
    5. E-Commerce System
  2. Franchising Rights
    The Franchisor shall grant to the Franchisee the following Franchising rights:
    • The right to conduct the Business in a territory.
    • The right to use the Franchisor’s proprietary trade and service marks and proprietary business tools (the “Proprietary Marks and Tools”) in the territory, provided that such use is solely in connection with the conduct of the Business.
  3. Territory
    The Franchisee shall have the right to conduct the Business up to 2 locations within its country, which shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Territory”.
    Location refers to the location of a residential home property e.g. an apartment or a house.
  4. Initial Franchise Fee
    A non-refundable Initial Franchise Fee of between USD $30,000 to USD $40,000 (before withholding taxes) to the Franchisor to be paid according to the following instalments:
    • 20% of the Franchise Fee down-payment upon execution of the Letter of Intent.
    • 80% of the Franchise Fee payable before commencement of training.
  5. Royalty and Other Fees
    • The Franchisee pay a monthly Royalty Fee of 5% to 10 % of the monthly gross revenue generated from the Franchise business to the Franchisor.
    • The Franchisee shall pay an annual fee of USD $2,000 to USD $2,500 (before withholding taxes) for use of the Franchisor’s E-Commerce System to the Franchisor.
  6. Initial Franchise Tenure
    The Initial Franchise Tenure shall be 3 years from the date of signing of the Franchise Agreement.
  7. Renewal of Tenure
    The Franchisee may apply to renew the Franchising tenure for a further 3 years, by giving written notice to the Franchisor at least 6 months prior to the expiry of the Initial Franchise Tenure. The renewal is at the discretion of the Franchisor and is also subject to no material breach of the terms in the Franchise Agreement and payment of a renewal fee of USD $10,000 to USD $15,000 (before withholding taxes).
  8. Equipment, Educational Materials and Supplies
    Certain equipment, educational materials and supplies are mandatory to be purchased from the Franchisor or its nominated suppliers.
  9. Managing Principal
    The Franchisee shall appoint a Managing Principal to oversee the operations and development of the Business in the Territory.
  10. Franchisee’s Key Obligations
    The Franchisee shall:
    • Bear all costs related to the set-up of the Guardianship and Homestay facilities in the Territory and ensure that its operations are in accordance to the Franchisor’s requirements at all times.
    • Obtain and maintain all necessary Franchises, government approvals, consents, certifications and permits for operating the Business and bear all costs incurred for procuring such Franchises and approvals.
    • Ensure that all its employees are adequately trained and shall bear the necessary expenses for sending its staff to the Initial and Ongoing Training sessions.
  11. Pricing
    The Franchisee shall adhere to the prices and the customer discount structure for the educational services and products as determined by the Franchisor. Neither the prices nor the discount structure may be altered without the Franchisor’s approval.
    The cost of any price discount given by the Franchisee shall be borne solely by the Franchisee.
  12. Non-Competition
    During the Franchise Tenure and for 1 year thereafter, the Franchisee and its related persons shall not be engaged in a competing or conflicting business in the Territory.
  13. Governing Law & Jurisdiction
    The Franchise Agreement shall be governed by Singapore law. Any dispute arising from the Agreement shall be resolved first by meditation in Singapore.

EduCare4u franchise cost

How much does the EduCare4u franchise cost?

EduCare4u has a franchise fee ranges from USD $30,00 to USD $40,000, with a total initial investment from USD $15,000 to USD $20,000.

Initial investments: USD $15,000 to USD $20,000

  • Initial investment covers renovation, furniture and furnishings for the residential home property to be used for the Franchise business. Assumes the Franchisee owns the property.
  • Excludes Franchise Fee and Working Capital (for staff, supplies and rental deposits / rentals if the Franchisee is renting the property).

Payback period: 12 to 18 months
Average turnover per month: USD $30,000 to USD $50,000
Royalties: 5% to 10% on Monthly Gross Sales Revenue
Franchise fees: USD $30,000 to USD $40,000

  • Franchisee fee indicated above is for Single Unit Franchise. For Area Franchise or Master Franchise, please contact Franchisor for more information.
  • Franchise fee covers the use of the brand, the use of intellectual property of the Franchisor, initial training and support from Franchisor to new Franchisees, and comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual to guide Franchisees in operating the Franchise business.

Other current payments: USD $2,000 to USD $2,500 on a yearly basis throughout the Franchise tenure.

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EduCare4u franchise to own

EduCare4u Franchise Business Model

As Franchisee of EduCare4u, you will be able to provide the same professional education management services that are offered by EduCare4u to your customers.

The sources of revenue for the Franchisee are:

  1. Guardianship / Homestay with Tuition – Medium to Long Term stay of 6 months or more
  2. Homestay – Short Term of 1 month or less
  3. Summer Camp
  4. Education Roadmap & Consultation + School Search services
  5. School Admission

Revenue figures for the above sources of revenue vary from country to country. Additionally, earnings and margins for the Franchise business will also vary from country to country. Please approach EduCare4u for more information on this.

EduCare4u franchise investment
Requirements to buy educare4u franchise:
key requirements of the franchisee are:
  • First and foremost, the Franchisee must have the commitment, love and passion for educating and nurturing children.
  • The Franchisee has the financial and manpower resources to invest in the business.
  • The Franchisee preferably has experience in the education industry or related industries.
Additional information
  • Other business opportunities for working with EduCare4u includes being a Licensee of EduCare4u’s services or being a marketing partner of EduCare4u such as doing joint marketing of summer camps. Please approach EduCare4u for more information on this.

EduCare4u Franchise Advantages

As our Franchisee, you can make use of its existing residential property to conduct the franchise business. Thus, you need not spent a hefty amount of money to buy a new property to be a Franchisee.

And as our Franchisee, you will enjoy the training and support in the following areas:

  1. Comprehensive initial training
    You will receive comprehensive initial training on setting up your EduCare4u business, which will include managing day-to-day operations, marketing, human resource management and other essential elements that you need to operate the business effectively.
  2. Proven business systems and methods
    You will be able to tap on the proven EduCare4u’s systems and methods with the ongoing transfer of know-how, methodology and technology. Your learning curve will be greatly shortened as we will provide you with the systems, processes and tools to manage and operate the business.
  3. Distinctive corporate identity design & marks
    You will enjoy immediate access to the rights of using EduCare4u’s distinctive corporate logo and strong branding, and tap into its accumulated goodwill.
  4. Detailed operations manual
    You will be provided with a detailed Operations Manual to guide you in running the Franchise business.
EduCare4u franchise fee
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