Franchise Opportunities in Chile

Popular franchise directions in Chile

List of franchises for sale available in Chile

Motorsport franchise
Motorsport - Franchise of racing club Investment from $97,200
Tenacious Techies franchise
Tenacious Techies - full service digital marketing agency franchise Investment from $2,000
PunctureSafe franchise
PunctureSafe - total tyre protection franchise Investment from $1,875
Rulomatik™ franchise
Rulomatik™ - Vending Machines Franchise Investment from $88,520
Mikel Coffee Company franchise
Mikel Coffee Company - Cafe Franchise Investment on demand
Verbatoria franchise
Verbatoria - Talents-By-Brainwaves Edutech Service For Children Franchise Investment from $4,990
Etagi franchise
Etagi - Real Estate Franchise Investment from $30,500
9ROUND franchise
9ROUND - kickbox fitness centers franchise Investment on demand
Krispy Kreme franchise
Krispy Kreme - doughnuts and coffee store franchise Investment from $275,000
Orangetheory Fitness franchise
Orangetheory Fitness - fitness centre franchise Investment from $488,405
Mary Brown’s franchise
Mary Brown’s - Restaurant Franchise Investment from $300,000
Marriott International franchise
Marriott International - hotel franchise Investment from $74,082,490
Veronica's franchise
Veronica's - Agency Franchise Investment from $45,000
COLIZEUM franchise
COLIZEUM - Cyber Sport Arenas Franchise Investment from $58,900
GREEN BAR franchise
GREEN BAR - Autonomous City Farms Franchise Investment from $8,168
Coffee Nefer franchise
Coffee Nefer - Coffee House Franchise Investment from $12,200
PANTIKA franchise
PANTIKA - Beauty and Health Laboratory Franchise Investment from $1,062
Baby Brain franchise
Baby Brain - Center for Additional Education Franchise Investment from $11,000
EcoMotive Hygiene franchise
EcoMotive Hygiene - Automotive Products Franchise Investment from $15,000
Cutmann Kids franchise
Cutmann Kids - the First Children's Barbershop Franchise Investment from $17,000
MOMIZU HOUSE franchise
MOMIZU HOUSE - MOMIZU HOUSE Franchise For Sale – Bakery and Beverages Investment from $66,000
Naedine franchise
Naedine - Medical Clinic Franchise Investment from $432,170
ADORI сollection franchise
ADORI сollection - Production Studio of Knitted Clothes Franchise Investment from $24,200
HEALTHY-5 franchise
HEALTHY-5 - Australian Super Manuka Honey Franchise Investment from $80,000

Attractiveness of Chile for the development of franchise busines

The Republic of Chile is located in Southern America. The population of the country is 17.2 million with 89% living in urban areas. The main city, Santiago with 6.1 million citizens as well as the other large cities such as Puente Alto (573,935), Antofagasta (402,669), and Vina del Mar (324,836) provide the best opportunities for different franchise businesses.

Chile's stable market economy and free trade agreements make the country very attractive for foreign investments. Therefore, Chilean franchise market has been successfully growing since the late 80′s. Consequently 6 years ago there were 124 franchises working in Chile, 36% of those being from the U.S. Nowadays, the majority of franchises (82%) originate from five countries: Chile, the United States, Spain, Peru, and Argentina.

The best franchising opportunities can be found in such sectors as full-service restaurants, elderly services, branded clothing outlets, children services, hotel/motel, repair and cleaning services. Food industry is the most popular franchise sector in the country and makes up 39% of the entire market.
Among the challenges a franchisee can face starting own company are securing financing, finding affordable locations, and identifying employees.

There are high investment business opportunities, as well as cheap franchises in Chile presented for review, the choice is yours.

Indicators of Chilean Business Market

  • Capital: Santiago

  • Currency: Peso (CLP, $)

  • Education Index (2015): 0,784

  • Official languages: Spanish

  • Per capita GDP (PPP): $25,891

  • Quality-of-life index (0-10): 7,1

  • Population: 17,57 mln

  • Total GDP (PPP): $481 billion

  • Ease of Doing Business Ranking, Rank: 56

  • Gini: 47,7

  • Human Development Index (HDI): 0,843