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Description of the Franchise Waterless carwash DetailCar

Franchise Waterless carwash DetailCar

Created 10 years ago by two young entrepreneurs that started small with a clear vision of a breathtaking idea. Going up the ladder seeking for the best locations in Spain and now France, we guarantee a high value service in a powerful parking area, mainly in Malls. Customers don't have to come and wait, they are already there!

  • Water savings of 100 to 200 litres per car wash (over the years, the savings have added up to millions of litres). This helps directly preserve our water resources.
  • Thanks to its eco-friendly system, DetailCar obtains authorization to do business in places a conventional car wash is not authorized to operate.
  • There are already many restrictions in place for car washes that rely on the conventional water-based car wash.

Franchise offer

There are three Franchise options :

  • Fix center : in Mall, parkings.
  • Mobil unit : you can give the service wherever you want (homes, companies, events, airport etc.
  • BASIC DC : An extension of an existent business, idealy in automotive feld.
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Initial investments: from $9,960 – $20,972.
Payback period: 24 months.
Average turnover per month: $8,200.
Royalties: $234 – $410.
Lump sum payment: $7,029 (included in the key on hand initial cost).
Other current payments: $820 – $1,171 approx monthly rent.

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Business model

We estimate the return on investment between one and two years ! Ask for more information and you will receive further information.

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  • Hand work friendly, dedicated;
  • Customer relationship sense.
  • Just Power Outlet!

Franchise advantages

  • Established brand value: before starting to franchise, DetailCar has developed and established a valuable business model. You are investing in a brand and a business whose value will increase over time much faster than a comparable independent business.
  • Get access to a system that works: the franchise has gone already through a long process of improvement, perfecting all aspects of the Detailcar business model.
  • You are offering a service in demand: DetailCar has not only developed an internal standard operating procedure, but also a business with high customer demand. This is an important aspect for the investment you are making and for obtaining funding from banks.
  • Be an entrepreneur, but with low risk! Being a franchisee reduces your risk considerably compared to setting up your own business from A to Z, paying the price for making beginners’ mistakes and the additional time to get your new business up and running.
Franchise for Sale - DetailCar
  • Starting investments from:
    9 960 $
  • Company foundation year
  • Year of launching franchise in Russia
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
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