The Middle East Franchise Fair 2024 - Prosperity, opportunities and growth

| 30.03.2023
The Middle East Franchise Fair 2024
A series of franchise fairs are set to take place across the GCC-region, starting off in Doha, Qatar, in 2024. The Middle East Franchise Fair (MEFF), is a novel endeavour, with its ambition to foster a strategic shift in economic activity in the region; away from a sector valuing unqualified and foreign labour, towards effective development and activities with higher added value.


The fair will be organized and hosted by MEFF International, in collaboration with local partner Al Maraya Public Relations. Al Maraya Public Relations was established in 1985, aiming to streamline the exhibition business by combining excellent customer service, with broad knowledge, and cost-effective solutions. Starting out in the B2B and B2C trade show industry, Maraya has organized more than 100 international exhibitions for large-scale governmental, and non-governmental actors, and has since expanded into Maraya Exhibition and Conferences (MEC). Maraya Exhibition and Conferences are proud to be the first company of its kind in Qatar, leading the way in the organization of exhibitions and fairs. The company has built a unique portfolio of investors from across the GCC region, especially since they started organizing the Q-Money (Qatar Finance Exhibitions) 10 years ago.


The countries of the GCC consist of a predominantly young population, with approximately 60% between the ages of 15 and 35. This portion of society is typically educated, multilingual and holds a positive attitude towards a globalised world, making them an excellent developmental asset. Coupled with bold policies aimed at economic recovery and green development, much of the foundation for lucrative entrepreneurship is already established. With the platform for cooperation that MEFF has envisioned, all of this can be utilised to create positive economic prospects. It is common to find companies in the Gulf region that have acquired and developed multiple franchise brands. These companies have paved the way for new franchisors, so that they can enjoy the benefits of an already established franchise infrastructure.

The purpose

The aim of MEFF 2024 is to showcase a relevant and diverse number of international exhibitors across industries during the first event in Qatar, focusing on franchising companies from all over the world. We also recognise that MEFF is a great opportunity to inspire the next generation of change-makers and entrepreneurs. By instilling in them that owning a business is attainable, we can encourage them to be self-reliant and resilient. This is certainly one of our central goals, and it is our hope that it will become part of MEFF’s legacy in many years to come.

Doha 2024
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