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Attractiveness of the USA for the development of franchise business

The United States is the world economy leader, and one of the largest countries in the world in terms of territory and population. It has more than 330 million inhabitants. The average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita in the USA is $51,147 a year.

The USA is considered to be a founder of modern franchising. At the end of 2009 there were 883,292 franchises, and many more continue to open every day. About 80% of the entire global franchise market is concentrated in the USA. The contribution of franchising enterprises to the country's economy amounts to about $780 billion, and the segment's share in GDP has increased to 3.5% in recent years.

The success of franchising in the US is largely determined by the support from the state, sustainable strategies, strong marketing, constant improvement, implementation of quality standards, and much more.

The USA franchise market provides a wide range of opportunities. Among the most popular franchise sectors in the USA are food, beauty and well-being, entertainment, business services, and education. Many franchise businesses concentrate on retail, waste management, and other services.

The advantages of franchises are obvious. From the opening the franchise business has a strong support of a franchisor. The franchise owner will teach the franchisee all the intricacies of their business, including the purchase of equipment and staff recruitment, the estimation of the expected profit and the amount of investment required. A detailed business plan must also be provided.

There are high investment business opportunities, as well as cheap franchises in the USA presented for review, the choice is yours.

Indicators of the US Business Market

  • Capital: Washington, D.C.

  • Currency: USD

  • Education Index (2015): 0.903

  • Official language: English

  • Quality-of-life index (0-10): 7.0

  • Per capita GDP (PPP): $63,543

  • Population: 332.4 mln

  • Total GDP (PPP): $23 trillion

  • Ease of Doing Business Ranking, Rank: 6

  • Gini: 41.5

  • Human Development Index (HDI): 0.926

  • Largest Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix