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Attractiveness of Lebanon for the development of franchise business

Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East with the population of 6,849,812 people, 78.5% of whom live in urban area. Being a country with upper middle income, and a liberal economic system, Lebanon lies on the crossroads of three continents. This makes it an international hub for finance, trade, culture, and tourism. Lebanese economy is service-oriented; the main sectors include banking and tourism. Each year the country is visited by up to 2 mln tourists.

Franchise businesses are gaining traction in the country. The best opportunities for the development of franchising can be found in the largest cities such as Beirut (1,916,100 ppl), Tripoli (229,398 ppl), Sidon (163,554 ppl) and Tyre (135,204 ppl).

According to the Lebanese Franchise Association, there are 744 franchise companies successfully operating on the market which employ up to 100,000 employees.

International franchises make up 87% of the market, the majority of them are from Europe; 38% of franchise companies are from the United States and Canada. Only 13 % of all franchises available in the country are local.

The most extensive opportunities for franchising could be seized in food, hotel, restaurant, entertainment, education, health care, janitorial and clothing sectors.

The country has The Lebanese Franchise Association which was founded in 2006 in order to meet the needs of rapidly-growing franchise industry; develop and support franchising in the country.

There are high investment business opportunities, as well as cheap franchises in Lebanon presented for review, the choice is yours.


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Indicators of Lebanese Business Market

  • Capital: Beirut

  • Currency: Lebanese pound (LBP, ل.ل.‎)

  • Education Index (2015): 0,656

  • Official languages: Arabic

  • Per capita GDP (PPP): $20,543

  • Quality-of-life index (0-10): -

  • Population: 6,01 mln

  • Total GDP (PPP): $94 billion

  • Ease of Doing Business Ranking, Rank: 142

  • Gini: 31,8

  • Human Development Index (HDI): 0,757