Sapore Italiano - Italian café Investment from $249,670
McDonald's - restaurant franchise Investment from $464,500
Mad Mex - Restaurant Franchise Investment from $375,000
BurgerFi - Restaurant Franchise Investment from $670,400
Burgrill - Restaurant Franchise Investment from $28,000
Cinnabon - bakery franchise Investment from $30,000
Red Robin - Restaurant Franchise Investment from $1,865,000
Rock Gilis Coffee - Cafe Franchise Investment from $57,000
Es Pasco - Cafe Franchise Investment from $500
M Coffee & Milk - Cafe Franchise Investment from $1,270
Ledo - Pizza Restaurant Franchise Investment from $126,250
Carl's Jr. - restaurants franchise Investment from $1,375,000
Denny's - restaurant franchise Investment from $228,000
Hooters - restaurant franchise Investment from $956,500
Ichiryu - Ramen Franchises Investment on demand
Roc N Ramen - Ramen Franchises Investment from $249,050
Bari-Uma Ramen - Ramen Franchises Investment from $364,000
Pizza Hut - restaurant franchise Investment from $302,000
SoBol - Acai Bowls Franchise Investment from $182,200
Pretzelmaker - Pretzels Franchise Investment from $205,200

Restaurant franchise opportunities in Canada

Owning a restaurant is something you have always been dreaming about? What to start with? One of the best ways to implement your dream with the lowest risks is to follow the footsteps of experienced entrepreneurs and buy a restaurant franchise. Why having a restaurant franchise in Canada? There is a wide range of such opportunities in the country; 35% of all sales in restaurant sector is generated from franchising.

What type of restaurant franchise to choose in Canada? 7 in 10 Canadians prefer fast food restaurants over the other types of venues. However the other concepts are also in demand. The number of franchise restaurant businesses available in Canada is enough to choose something for you! We are listing the best restaurant franchises for sale in Canada.

Restaurant Franchises in Canada articles and ratings