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Franchise opportunities in Hong Kong

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List of franchises for sale available in Hong Kong

PunctureSafe franchise
PunctureSafe - total tyre protection franchise Investment from $ 18,850
Arabica Coffee House franchise
Arabica Coffee House - coffee houses franchise Investment from $ 50,000
Cleanbros franchise
Cleanbros - cleaning сompany franchise Investment from $ 16,200
ELC franchise
ELC - english language school franchise Investment from $ 19,000
No-H2O franchise
No-H2O - Waterless Car Cleaning Franchise Investment from $ 1,145,000
BookingCat franchise
BookingCat - pet hotels chain franchise Investment from $ 4,530
TOPGUN franchise
TOPGUN - barbershop franchise Investment from $ 55,000
LEVITTA franchise
LEVITTA - franchise of instagram store which sells levitating products Investment from $ 5,000
Galevich Art School franchise
Galevich Art School - school of art and design franchise Investment from $ 3,160
RoboThink franchise
RoboThink - еducation center franchise Investment from $ 40,700
Bye Bye Nitz franchise
Bye Bye Nitz - lice treatment center franchise Investment on demand
Flip Out franchise
Flip Out - entertainment facility franchise Investment from $ 1,400,000
Krispy Kreme franchise
Krispy Kreme - doughnuts and coffee store franchise Investment from $ 275,000
9ROUND franchise
9ROUND - kickbox fitness centers franchise Investment on demand
Orangetheory Fitness franchise
Orangetheory Fitness - fitness centre franchise Investment from $ 488,405
TUCANO COFFEE - coffee shop franchise Investment from $ 84,600
Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise
Nothing Bundt Cakes - retail bakery franchise Investment from $ 408,187
Coffee Like franchise
Coffee Like - coffee-to-go franchise Investment from $ 14,000
Choupette franchise
Choupette - kids clothing shop franchise Investment from $ 46,000
Jack Hiker franchise
Jack Hiker - backpacks franchise Investment from $ 1,470
Cruise Planners franchise
Cruise Planners - travel agency franchise Investment from $ 2,295
HomeVestors of America franchise
HomeVestors of America - real estate franchise Investment from $ 53,000
Smoothie King franchise
Smoothie King - smoothie and juice bar franchise Investment from $ 263,550
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Attractiveness of Hong Kong for the development of franchise business

Favorable economic regulations together with a strong workforce and good infrastructure in this special administrative region of China make Hong Kong the best place for doing business and very welcoming for international investments.

In 1992 a special committee within the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce was formed to facilitate and assist franchise businesses in the region.

Franchises are rather diverse and count 140 different types in Hong Kong. The most successful franchise sectors include retail services, children services, food, education and training. Catering business occupies 42.7%, services - 37.3% and retailing - 20% of all franchising activities.

The biggest cities of Hong Kong, such as Kowloon (2.1 mln), Sha Tin (630,000), Tsuen Wan (318,900), Yuen Long Kau Hui (141,900), Tung Chung (98,000) offer great opportunities for foreign franchisors due to the availability of lucrative consumer market. The average monthly wage was roughly $920 in 2016.

In 1975 the first McDonald's international franchise was landed in Hong Kong. It is still successfully operating restaurant chain. To date, the number of foreign franchise outlets has been rapidly growing.
European brands, as well as US, Japan, Singapore, and China franchisors, are actively entering the market.
The average initial franchise fee is approximately $25,900.

There are high investment business opportunities, as well as cheap franchises in Hong Kong presented for review, the choice is yours.

Indicators of Business Market in Hong Kong

  • Capital: Hong Kong

  • Currency: Hong Kong dollar

  • Education Index (2013): 0.767

  • Official languages: Chinese, English

  • Per capita GDP (PPP): $58,322

  • Quality-of-life index (0-10): 7.80

  • Population: 7.347 mln

  • Total GDP (PPP): $429.652 billion

  • Ease of Doing Business Ranking, Rank: 5

  • Gini: 53.9

  • Human Development Index (HDI): 0.910