Franchise Opportunities in Jordan

Popular franchise directions in Jordan

List of franchises for sale available in Jordan

Tenacious Techies - full service digital marketing agency franchise Investment from $2,000
Another World - Virtual Reality Parks Franchise Investment from $30,000
SAHAR&VOSK - Beauty Salon Franchise Investment from $30,000
Govorusha - Speech Therapy Center Investment from $16,200
PunctureSafe - total tyre protection franchise Investment from $1,875
Perspective 24 - Real Estate Operator Franchise Investment on demand
SLONVISH - Hypoallergenic Jewelry Franchise Investment from $4,500
9ROUND - kickbox fitness centers franchise Investment on demand
GREEN BAR - Autonomous City Farms Franchise Investment from $8,168
Burger King - fast food restaurant franchise Investment from $323,100
Krispy Kreme - doughnuts and coffee store franchise Investment from $275,000
PRESOTEA - Bubble Tea Shop Franchise Investment from $100,000
Orangetheory Fitness - fitness centre franchise Investment from $488,405
Choupette - kids clothing shop franchise Investment from $46,000
ZopRent - Motorcycles & cars on rent Franchise Investment from $7,000
PANTIKA - Beauty and Health Laboratory Franchise Investment from $1,062
Ormado Kaffeehaus - Coffee Shop Franchise Investment on demand
Cutmann Kids - the First Children's Barbershop Franchise Investment from $80,000
MOMIZU HOUSE - MOMIZU HOUSE Franchise For Sale – Bakery and Beverages Investment from $66,000
Tendata - Global Trade Data Supplier Franchise Investment from $3,000
ZAGA GAME - Full VR Immersion Park Franchise Investment from $12,540
Realtyplus - Real Estate Agency Franchise Investment from $2,260
HEAD SHOT - Network of Cyber Sports Clubs Franchise Investment from $63,600
Saya - Cafe Franchise Investment from $80,000

Attractiveness of Jordan for the development of franchise business

Jordan is a relatively small country located in the Middle East. The population is 10,083,306 people including 84.13% who live in an urban area. Its capital and largest city, Amman, contains 1.28 million people. Other large cities of the country are Zarqa (792,665 ppl), Irbid (307,480 ppl), Russeifa(268,237 ppl), and Wadi Al Seer (181,212).

The country has an emerging knowledge economy. The main issues Jordan's economy faces are scarce water supplies, complete reliance on oil imports for energy, and regional instability.

However, there were several governmental reforms implemented to improve the economic stability and attract investments.
If an entrepreneur is willing to start a company in Jordan, they should consider such businesses as Fuel (Filling) Station, Transportation, Education Consultancy, Hair Salon, Electronics Repair Workshop, Provision Store.

Jordan is open to new international franchises and local entrepreneurs are interested in doing franchise business. Especially in demand are franchises operating in a service sector and fast food industry. Retail franchises are also popular, despite the country has limited capacity for the number of franchise outlets.

The main player on the Jordan's franchise market is definitely the USA, there are a lot of representatives of the country in Jordan, including Applebee’s, ACE Hardware, Ruby Tuesdays, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Burger King.

There are high investment business opportunities, as well as cheap franchises in Jordan presented for review, the choice is yours.

Indicators of Jordanian Business Market

  • Capital: Amman

  • Currency: Jordanian dinar (JOD, دينار‎)

  • Education Index (2015): 0,701

  • Official languages: Arabic

  • Per capita GDP (PPP): $9,406

  • Quality-of-life index (0-10): 5,63

  • Population: 10,41 mln

  • Total GDP (PPP): $93,159 billion

  • Ease of Doing Business Ranking, Rank: 104

  • Gini: 35,4

  • Human Development Index (HDI): 0,735