KHLOÉNOVA Franchise For Sale – Beauty & Couture

  • Investment from: 0 $
  • Payback from: 2 mon.
  • Turnover/month from: 10000 $

A unique offer to start a business without investment

| 07.07.2020
KHLOÉNOVA franchise

KHLOÉNOVA Beauty & Couture offers a business/franchisee/distribution opportunities without starting with big stock and huge money investment.You can start your successful business with £0 and no stock, working from home with our unique brand products, proven B2B & B2C strategies and continual mentorship and support. Working online with your times and days you have free, the more time you invest and serious you are about the business, the more you can expect in return as profit. You can expand with KHLOÉNOVA in any territory, city, country in the world and be part of our Global Network. Immediate start, immediate incomes, immediate growth strategies.

KHLOÉNOVA Organic products have huge range of Skin Hair Care products 100% Natural and Organic, they have immediate rejuvenate curing effect, as we select the formulas very carefully. They are for all type of skin problems and issues. From dry skin, acne, allergic, sensitive, scars and others. Some of our products include CBD which can be applied for anything and everything starting from skin pain, inflammatory, injury, tattoos skin pain, skin protection for the bacteria, anxiety and stress, problem with sleeping, muscles pain, pain during women menstrual period and many others daily applications. KHLOÉNOVA supplements for hair, skin, beauty care & wellness. Our main range now its with multivitamins for the support system with CBD. KHLOÉNOVA Beauty offers many products from skin masks to beauty devices. KHLOÉNOVA Couture offers range of lines from day dresses and tops to beach wear trendy unique styles. One Global Brand, Over 100+ lines, Hundreds of thousands of product stock, 800+ unique designs.

KHLOÉNOVA franchise for sale
KHLOÉNOVA franchise cost

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