The Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own in 2023

| 04.08.2021
the best franchises in 2021

The ideal way to organize your own business is the best franchises, which act as the main object in the process of concluding a franchise agreement. The concept is a whole complex of economic and material benefits, including full-fledged rights to use the brand and the finished model, as well as all the necessary tools for doing business.

Before using popular franchises, it is worth carefully analyzing the conditions of each offer, comparing all the benefits and possible prospects. Specialists in the field of finance make special ratings, which specify in detail the conditions, the necessary investments and the expected amount of money. The degree of profitability of a particular option was determined taking into account the average amount of earnings in relation to the amount of initial investments and annual profit. The most popular franchises are included in a special list that will help all novice managers and businessmen who want to profitably invest their own money in a profitable business, decide on the idea of creating a business.

Global franchising has a long history. Franchising first appeared in the UK with the advent of the linked pub system. However, franchising has become more widely applied in the United States. At first, there was a model of an automobile dealership, presented by General Motors in the early 1900s, providing exclusive rights and territories. Then oil companies and grocery stores began to use a business model that offered them a path to rapid growth in the direction of national distribution, but with less risk.

Nowadays, according to the World Franchise Council (WFC), the number of franchised enterprises (franchisees) is gradually approaching 1,500,000. And indeed, all well-known branded clothing stores and boutiques are usually franchises. It also includes the fast food industry, as well as restaurants, hotels, tourist services, fitness clubs, beauty salons, etc. This list is growing every day.

Rating of the best franchises

Dunkin 'Donut

Dunkin 'Donut franchise

Start of franchising: 1955
Total points: 12957
The price of the franchise is from $395,500 to $1,600,000.

The best franchise of the year was the Dunkin 'Donuts franchise. Now the brand has 13,000 outlets in 38 countries, 9.5 thousand of them are in the United States. The company is always open to innovation and recently offered visitors a doughnut sandwich with fashionable artificial meat.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell franchise

Start of franchising: 1964
Total points: 7,136
The price of the franchise is from $525,500 to $2,960,000.

In the last two years, sales of fast food products have grown by 6 percent, to $ 11 billion in 2018. Analysts explain this growth by the company's goal on convenience, delivery to 4,800 points in America. In addition, the organization sold a master franchise to India for the opening of 600 restaurants.


McDonald's franchise

Franchising start: in 1955
Total points: 38,108
The price of the franchise is from $1.3 to $2.2.

McDonald's has been leading in the top-500 list for many years. It is possible that the veteran of franchising will regain its leadership next year due to technical solutions and platforms that improve the service. The corporation has already invested $ 10 billion in technology and performs more than ten delivery orders each second.

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In franchise

Start of franchising: 1959
Total points: 3,600
The price of the franchise is from $1.2 to $3.5.

The trick of this fast food is the constant updating of the menu and the focus on analytics. So, the new ordering application helps to find the right offer for each client.

UPS Store

UPS Store franchise

Started in 1980
Total points 5166
The franchise price is from $138,400 to $470,000.

It is the world's largest franchisor of retail, postal, print, and business service centers. The achievement of the shops is closely tied to the returns of online purchases, about a third of which are returned in the USA. The business is actively entering into agreements to become an official courier for various significant retailers. The parcel of this operator can already be received on the territory of pharmacies, hotels, and military units.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware Franchise

Start of franchising: 1976
Total points: 5,312
The price of the franchise is from $286,000 to $2,100,000.

The retailer, specializing in non-food retail, has opened more than 800 stores over the past 5 years. According to Ace Hardware, 75% of all homes in the United States are within 15 minutes walk from the store. Last year, the retailer managed sales of more than $ 16 billion.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness franchise

Start of franchising: 2003
Total points: 1,859
The price starts from $1.1 to $4.2

Membership in this club costs only $ 10 and according to the owners' plans, 80% of Americans should buy their season tickets. Currently, the approach is working: the whole of Planet Fitness customers has increased twice over the past several years, from 7,000,000 to more than 14,000,000.

Advantages of global franchising:

  1. You acquire not just a business model - but also an international history. As a rule, those brands that have been known on the market for many years, have an international value and a certain status are scaled through franchising. It is prestigious and profitable to be involved in such brands.
  2. You not only enter the network of a global company but also get a lot of franchisee partners in other countries. By acquiring a business, you expand your circle of communication to a global scale!
  3. You are entering a fundamentally different level. Here you will find different marketing strategies, different budgets, a different attitude to work and to people. This is a great way to practice an international approach to business.
  4. Opportunities of franchising of foreign companies are also distinguished by a more thoughtful approach to supporting and training franchisees. You get the opportunity to learn from the experience of world leaders!
  5. If you take a responsible approach to the implementation of a business scheme, the payback, and profit level will be high almost from the moment of launch due to the fact that famous global trademarks are respected by customers and attract attention more than any other.
    You get additional benefits from the start by purchasing an international franchise. However, it should be remembered: a recognizable brand is also an additional responsibility assigned to the franchisee.

What else should you know before purchasing a foreign franchise?

  • Most likely, you will encounter a lot of rules and strict requirements created to maintain a high level of the brand. Be ready to meet the harsh criteria and get higher bonuses;
  • The higher the popularity of the brand is, the fewer chances of communication with the direct owner you will have. Most likely, you will communicate with a regional representative of the franchisor.

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