Drybar - Hair Salon Franchise Investment from $644,070
CycleBar - Indoor Cycling Franchise Investment from $284,350
UFC Gym - gym franchise Investment from $300,000
Anytime Fitness - gym franchise Investment from $50,759
LunchboxWax - Body waxing Franchise Investment from $341,140
iCRYO - Cryotherapy Salon Franchise Investment from $285,400
Nikita Hair - Hair Salon Franchise Investment from $162,300
Sugarmoon - Beauty Salon Franchise Investment from $119,000

Beauty & health care franchise opportunities in Poland

Poland has a numerous population and is considered one of the largest consumer markets in Central Europe. Though there are a large number of local and foreign beauty salons offering innovative face, body, hand, hairdressing services and feet treatments, massages, water treatments, dermatologist’s advice and services, the health and beauty franchise market is not well-developed. Which creates good opportunities for new international health and beauty brands as well as home based ones. There is also a huge demand for franchises which provide up-to-date medical services for kids, and plastic surgery for adults. Would you like to earn money by selling beauty and health services and products in Poland? Choose some of the opportunities below!