Top 18 Grocery Supermarket Franchises in India for 2023

| 29.12.2023
Top 18 Grocery Supermarket Franchises in India for 2023
In the ebullient mosaic of Indian commerce, the supermarket franchises in India have burgeoned, reflecting the changing contours of consumption and convenience. As we step into the expanse of 2023, the supercharged retail landscape of India is articulated through the pulsating presence of varied supermarket business franchises. These entities have not merely weathered the storm of change but have ridden the waves to cater to an increasingly quality-conscious and convenience-seeking population. The retail revolution in India, studded with a plethora of supermarket chains, offers a cornucopia of opportunities for investors who desire to root their endeavors in the fertile soil of consumer satisfaction and technological innovation.

Best Supermarket & Grocery Franchises in India

1. Big Bazaar

Founded: 2001
Commenced Franchising: 2001
Franchised Stores: 300+
Cost: 20- 75 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 8% commission

Nestled amidst the everyday hustle, Big Bazaar emerges as a myriad of delights for the discerning shopper. Here, aisles transform into vibrant bazaars, echoing with the murmur of myriad choices. From the freshest greens to the rich spices, every shelf invites you to a sensory celebration. Big Bazaar isn’t just a franchise; it's a lively mosaic of culture, convenience, and community, served with a smile that warms the daily life of the consumer.

Big Bazaar

2. D-Mart

Founded: 2002
Commenced Franchising: 2012
Franchised Stores: 200+
Cost: 15-30 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 10% commission

D-Mart is a prominent Indian grocery and retail franchise known for its cost-effectiveness and quality consumer goods. Founded by Radhakishan Damani in 2002, it operates a chain of hypermarkets across India. D-Mart stands out for its strategic store placement, streamlined supply chains, and volume-based pricing model, providing a wide array of products including food, toiletries, beauty products, garments, kitchenware, and more. Its success is anchored in offering value to middle-income consumers, maintaining high inventory turnover, and ensuring customer satisfaction with a consistent focus on affordability and convenience.


3. G-Fresh Mart

Founded: 2017
Commenced Franchising: 2021
Franchised Stores: 25+
Cost: 10-13 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 8% commission

G-Fresh Mart, a neighborhood beacon of sustenance, isn't just your usual grocery franchise; it intertwines the essence of community with the convenience of modern retail. Unlike faceless chains, each G-Fresh Mart evolves with its locale, stocking artisanal local flavors alongside essential global finds. Their pioneering 'farm-to-shelf' initiative ensures the crunchiest greens and the juiciest fruits are just a stroll away. With eco-friendly practices, from biodegradable packaging to supporting local agriculture, G-Fresh Mart isn't just about what's on the shelf, it's about nurturing the world that provides it.

G-Fresh Mart

4. Star Bazaar

Founded: 1998
Commenced Franchising: 2000
Franchised Stores: 20+
Cost: 50-80 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 6% commission

Nestled within India's vibrant retail landscape, Star Bazaar stands as a testament to the synergy of global expertise and local insight. A collaborative endeavor by Tata Group and Tesco, this franchise marries international retail standards with a pulse on Indian consumer patterns. With a focus on freshness, value, and an assortment tailored to regional tastes, Star Bazaar not only sells products but also an experience rich in quality and convenience. As a pioneer in sustainability, it redefines grocery shopping with initiatives aimed at empowering communities and minimizing environmental footprints.

Star Bazaar

5. More Retail

Founded: 2007
Commenced Franchising: 2007
Franchised Stores: 600+
Cost: 15-40 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 10% commission

MORE Retail, a visionary grocery franchise, has been revolutionizing daily shopping by bridging traditional values with modern convenience. Their robust model combines a wide range of high-quality provisions, from farm-fresh produce to pantry essentials, catering to the nuanced palate of today’s consumer. With a steadfast emphasis on community, MORE Retail's proprietary loyalty programs and neighborhood-centric approach endear it to the locales it serves. It’s not just a store; it’s a bastion for those who seek a seamless, gratifying grocery experience.

More Retail

6. Reliance Fresh

Founded: 2004
Commenced Franchising: 2006
Franchised Stores: 150+
Cost: 20-50 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 5% commission

Reliance Fresh, a cornerstone of India's booming retail sector, serves as the local lifeline for a kaleidoscope of fresh produce. Owned by Reliance Retail, which is the retail arm of the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries Limited, this grocery franchise has redefined food shopping with its commitment to quality and affordability. Each outlet bursts with vibrant fruits and vegetables, pantry essentials, and home necessities, curating a one-stop shop experience. Leveraging vast supply chains and deep community roots, Reliance Fresh not only brings convenience to doorsteps but also fosters economic vitality by supporting local farmers and producers.

Reliance Fresh

7. Spencer's Retail

Founded: 1990
Commenced Franchising: 1990
Franchised Stores: 130+
Cost: 30-60 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 10% commission

Spencer's Retail, a pioneering Indian chain, weaves innovation into the fabric of daily shopping. Built on a legacy that spans over 30 years, Spencer's has transformed from a corner store into a pan-Indian empire, offering an assortment of fresh produce, staples, and international cuisine. With a focus on customer-centricity, the stores blend modern retail with digital savvy. Sustainability stays at the forefront, driving eco-friendly practices. For the urban shopper, Spencer's is not just a market but a culinary beacon, curating a grocery experience that's as diverse as India's palate.

Spencer's Retail

8. Reliance Retail

Founded: 2004
Commenced Franchising: 2006
Franchised Stores: 150+
Cost: 20-50 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 5% commission

Reliance Retail redefines India's retail landscape, flourishing under Reliance Industries' aegis. Since its inception in 2004, it's grown exponentially, operating supermarkets, electronics megastores, fast-fashion outlets, and online stores. Its pervasive presence, anchored in affordability and variety, caters adeptly to the country's diverse consumer base. By harnessing Reliance's robust supply chain and integrating technology, it's pioneering the future of Indian commerce, melding the ease of digital shopping with the tangibility of brick-and-mortar experiences.

Reliance Retail

9. Hyper Supermarket

Founded: 2014
Commenced Franchising: 2016
Franchised Stores: 30+
Cost: 5-10 lakhs
Royalty Fee: NA

Hyper Supermarket stands as a burgeoning titan in the grocery franchise landscape, renowned for its vast, well-organized aisles brimming with international and local produce. Embodying convenience and quality, this supermarket chain revolutionizes shopping experiences with its commitment to freshness, diversity, and value. With an omnipresent focus on customer satisfaction, Hyper Supermarket integrates technology, offering seamless online shopping options alongside their friendly, community-centric stores. As they expand, their dedication to sustainability and local partnerships sets a new standard for eco-conscious consumption in the retail realm.

Hyper Supermarket

10. Spar Hypermarket

Founded: 1932
Commenced Franchising: 1940s
Franchised Stores: 13,000+
Cost: depends on the outlet scale and location
Royalty Fee: NA

SPAR Hypermarket trails its humble origins to the Netherlands (1932) but wasn't fully embraced by consumers until after the 1950s. Renowned for seamlessly integrating local flavor with global trends, SPAR offers a plethora of goods ranging from fresh produce to lifestyle products, served within a welcoming ambience. This unique franchise model allows for regional customization, ensuring each store caters to its local community's palate and preferences while maintaining high international standards. Sustainability and community engagement are also central to SPAR's ethos, making it a frontrunner in responsible retailing.

Spar Hypermarket

11. Walmart

Founded: 1962
Commenced Franchising: 2021
Franchised Stores: 10,500+
Cost: 60 Lakhs-1.1 Crore
Royalty Fee: 8% commission

Walmart, the world-renowned grocery titan, operates a tapestry of stores globally. Pioneering the one-stop-shop concept, it blends convenience and variety, serving millions daily. With a keen eye on affordability, Walmart democratizes access to groceries, household essentials, and more. Embracing technology, it steers the future of retail with online ordering and pick-up services, tailoring the shopping experience to the digital era. As a franchise, it fosters local economic growth, underpinning its colossal footprint with community-centric values.


12. Easy Day

Founded: 2008
Commenced Franchising: 2017
Franchised Stores: 100+
Cost: 15-20 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 12% commission

Easy Day beckons as a community-centric grocery franchise, adorning India's bustling localities with a fresh approach to daily shopping. Known for its compact, navigable stores, Easy Day simplifies the retail experience, offering a curated assortment of products that cater to everyday needs. Emphasizing convenience, quality, and value, it serves as a one-stop destination for fresh produce, staples, and household goods. Its focus on customer care and the integration of local preferences fortify its standing as a trusted neighborhood retailer, committed to nourishing the communities it calls home.

Easy Day

13. Fairway Supermart

Founded: 2017
Commenced Franchising: 2020
Franchised Stores: 17+
Cost: 3-7 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 20% commission

Nestled in the heart of urban hustle, Fairway Supermarket holds a storied legacy as a purveyor of fresh, quality groceries. Established in 2017, Fairway has blossomed into a gourmet oasis for food aficionados. Known for its rich selection of local and exotic provisions, from artisanal cheeses to organic produce, Fairway isn't just a market; it's a culinary adventure. Customers relish in the bustling aisles, each turn offering a taste of global cultures and the promise of ingredients that inspire both the home cook and the professional chef.

Fairway Supermart

14. Farmley

Founded: 2017
Commenced Franchising: 2018
Franchised Stores: 15+
Cost: 14-21 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 10% commission

Embark on a sustainable journey with Farmley, a revolutionary grocery franchise that's redefining fresh produce sourcing. With a commitment to local farmers and eco-friendly practices, each Farmley outlet is a beacon of community support, offering a cornucopia of organic fruits, vegetables, and artisanal goods. Its unique farm-to-shelf concept ensures customers enjoy nutrient-rich groceries while nurturing the planet. Farmley isn't just a store; it's a pledge for healthier families and a thriving Earth.


15. Fortune Mart

Founded: 2015
Commenced Franchising: 2016
Franchised Stores: 20+
Cost: 12-18 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 10% commission

Fortune Mart stands out in the bustling marketplace of grocery franchises with its unique blend of local produce and global flavors. Committed to sustainability, they offer a greener shopping experience through biodegradable packaging and a strict zero-waste policy. With a smart loyalty program, Fortune Mart rewards shoppers while fostering community ties. As they expand, each store is tailored to its neighborhood, ensuring that while the brand is global, the feel is decidedly local. Join the Fortune Mart family, where every purchase is a step towards a healthier planet.

Fortune Mart

16. Blinkit

Founded: 2016
Commenced Franchising: 2019
Franchised Stores: 20+
Cost: 20-30 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 3% commission

BlinKit emerges as an innovative supermarket business franchise, redefining grocery shopping with its focus on accessibility and technology. Strategically situated in bustling urban areas, BlinKit stores offer a seamless blend of in-person and digital shopping experiences. Each location boasts an array of local and international goods, catering to diverse culinary traditions and dietary needs. With a robust mobile app, customers can effortlessly order online for pickup or delivery. BlinKit pledges to sustainability, with reduced packaging and a commitment to community welfare initiatives.


17. Nasco Retails

Founded: 2020
Commenced Franchising: 2020
Franchised Stores: 5+
Cost: 22-28 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 10% commission

Nasco Retails, a burgeoning supermarket company, has been revolutionizing the grocery landscape since its inception. Known for a robust selection of quality products, it marries convenience with sustainability. Its chain of stores boasts an array of organic and locally-sourced goods, catering to the eco-conscious shopper. With a focus on customer experience, Nasco Retails implements cutting-edge technology for streamlined shopping, including mobile apps for effortless checkout. Engaging local communities, it underscores a commitment to economic growth and creating a more personable shopping encounter.

Nasco Retails

18. 7Heven

Founded: 2021
Commenced Franchising: 2021
Franchised Stores: 5+
Cost: 12-18 lakhs
Royalty Fee: 10% commission

7Heven, a rising star in the supermarket franchise realm, redefines convenience with a bold, 24/7 approach to urban grocery solutions. Not just a place to shop, 7Heven harmonizes retail tech with a local, organic emphasis, cultivating a neighborhood nexus where fresh, wholesome products meet on-the-go lifestyles. From AI-assisted inventory to eco-friendly packaging, each outlet is a portal to sustainable shopping, making 7Heven more than a store—it's an eco-conscious community cornerstone flourishing across bustling cities.


Why Invest in a Supermarket Franchise?

Tailwinds of Economic Growth: The zeitgeist of 2023 India is one of economic resurgence, as the country rebounds from global uncertainties and regional flux. As disposable incomes rise and urbanization spreads its wings, supermarket business franchises stand as a beacon that beckons the promise of steady profitability. It encapsulates a responsive business model that aligns with the lifestyle acceleration of the burgeoning middle class.

Consumer Behavioral Shift: The Indian consumer's palate has grown sophisticated, desiring a blend of global products with local flavors. Supermarkets today are cultural curators, blending the global diaspora of goods with indigenous offerings. Franchises adept at this alchemy are not just stores but epicenters of community and culture, inviting patronage and loyalty.

Technology Integration: Investment in supermarket franchises now also means investing in the seamless integration of technology. From point of sale to supply chain optimization and eCommerce symbiosis, modern supermarkets are savvy nodes in a digital network, offering online shopping, in-store digital experiences, and the best personalized customer service. This tech-forward approach ensures robust growth and a competitive edge.

Models of Scalability: The scalability afforded by franchises, with their proven business models and established branding, cannot be understated. Franchise owners can leverage the operational expertise and marketing acumen of parent brands, scaling with relative ease compared to standalone enterprises. As Indian infrastructural development strides forward, the geographic expansion possibilities for the best supermarket franchises in India are immense.

Support Structures: When you invest in a top supermarket franchise in India, you inherit a structure of systematic support. Training programs, vendor networks, marketing strategies, and a host of other resources are pre-engineered for success, lowering entry barriers and operational risks. This is pivotal in a market as diverse and complex as India’s.

Meeting the Post-Pandemic Needs: The pandemic has recalibrated consumer expectations, with safety and hygiene becoming non-negotiable. Supermarket franchises have adapted by implementing robust health protocols and contactless services, garnering consumer trust. The enduring impact of this shift presents a compelling reason to invest as franchises continue to innovate in meeting these expectations.


In the grand narrative of India's economic evolution, supermarket franchises and grocery chains that India offers are not merely chapters; they are dynamic characters that enrich the plot with convenience, diversity, and resilience. The year 2023 witnesses the interplay of tradition and transformation within the Indian retail sector, where best supermarket franchises in India are less of an option and more of an imperative for the astute investor. Their intrinsic capability to manifest as crucibles of consumer interaction and satisfaction makes them the glowing beacons on the investment horizon. Thus, with the right strategic choices, investing in a supermarket franchise in this landscape can be both a journey toward profound business impact and a testament to the vibrant spirit of India’s market potential.
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