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Franchise Ranking in India

Franchise Name/Rank Category/Description Initial Investment
#1 Burger King CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Restaurant Franchises INVESTMENT $323,100
#3 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Restaurant Franchises INVESTMENT $1,442,550
#4 Wellness Forever Medicare CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Retail Store Franchises INVESTMENT $42,000
#5 McDonald's CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Restaurant Franchises INVESTMENT $464,500
#6 Ola CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Business Service Franchises INVESTMENT $140
#7 Baskin-Robbins CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Retail Franchises INVESTMENT $293,840
#8 Domino's Pizza CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Pizza Franchises INVESTMENT $119,700
#9 Jio Mart CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Retail Franchises INVESTMENT $on request
#10 Taco Bell CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION Restaurant Franchises INVESTMENT $525,100
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