Car Wash Franchise: What Should An Owner Focus On?

| 16.07.2021
Car Wash Franchise

If you are thinking of buying a car wash franchise, you will probably find a well-known and reputable brand. Franchising is a really excellent opportunity to get into the business like an owner. But you must not think that franchising is an easy way, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of your time and also capital spending. And of course, verify that your expectations from investments would align with reality.

1. Finance

How do you plan to invest in your future franchise? Think about the amount of money you will be ready to fund and about potential losses. How much money are you ready to lose? You should explore the question about possible financing as well, if you need it. And the question about finance management at the time your car wash will be established is also important.

The cost will be defined by the locality and the brand recognition, but the minimum price is 7,000 USD and the maximum is 2,370,000 USD.

2. Skills

Think about the skills you have and you need. Do they match each other? It is best that you have had work experience in the car wash business in your past for the understanding of the principles of work and all nuances you can meet during the establishing and running your own business. The lack of experience in this area indicates that you should be confident that the education you will get from your franchisor is appropriate and enough for running the business. Other important things are financial literacy and human resources management. You need to understand these moments to become a good and successful entrepreneur.

Also if you do not have any knowledge about the car wash business , think about working with a well-experienced partner who will help you or about visiting business classes to get basic knowledge for managing business.

3. Opportunities

Analyze all possibilities in car wash franchising you can afford to yourself. There are a range of options from dealing only with a single person and having a mobile car wash to a huge place with expensive equipment and a flow of clients per day. To check all opportunities in the car wash franchise you can visit various exhibitions or in our catalog. There you could look for variants and consider the information about franchises and also cross-reference available franchises to make sure that franchise suits your needs.

4. Investigation

It is necessary to carefully consider all the indicators. Assess all information about franchises you find and check cost-effectiveness. If they have any government revenue, ask for a confirmation letter to make sure that this information is true. Letter of confirmation could contain the income statement of one of the franchisees or the company in general.

If there are only mean values, you should request more detailed information, because average values could lead you astray. Also the high gross income does not always mean that the return is high too. You should understand how much you should invest in the franchise.

5. The verification

Please review all information before the deal. Check all documents. They should contain the detailed data on the activities of the company and about the business as a whole. Also there should be a list of all that you will get after the deal. What kind of education you will get and what kind of expenses such as license will be included and which of them will fall entirely on yourself and not be refunded.

This document also includes the information about previous involvement in any judicial proceedings and about the reputation as a whole. Specify what to expect as support after start-up education.

6. Check with the franchisees.

It is necessary to contact present and past franchisees to obtain their views on the car wash franchise you choose. Ask them the opinion about pros and cons regarding the franchise and if they have any regret or vice versa.

7. Request for a Car Wash Franchise

After you choose the car wash franchise, make a request on it. Fill out the form on franchise after you get confidence that there is a price/quality ratio. Also you should be ready that your future franchisor will ask you for confirmation on your financial stability, business plan, recommendation and other documents to be sure that you will be a good franchisee.

8. Contract

Seek advice on the contract with the lawyer and bookkeeper. And then sign all documents after you will be admitted as a franchisee. Settle your fees. And finally do a check for conformance with the contract.

9. Advice

Check if there is a need in your region for car wash before buying the car wash franchise.

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