Is it worth investing in seasonal franchises

| 04.05.2023
Is it worth investing in seasonal franchises
If you consider starting an exciting and rewarding business venture, then a franchise might be the right decision for you. There are many benefits to acquiring a ready-made franchise business, like wide recognition, loyal customer base, and proven technologies and solutions. So, what franchise to pick?

It may be a good idea to look into seasonal franchises that are highly popular today. Seasonal business opportunities peak at certain times of year, however, during this period they can generate rather sizable income. It can be an exciting venture for entrepreneurs that want a part-time business or an additional source of income. A seasonal franchise allows entrepreneurs to operate and seize profits while not working all year long but at particular times.

What is a seasonal franchise?

Seasonal franchises are enterprises that actively operate at certain times of year. It does not mean that they close as soon as the season is over, they typically continue to operate but their activity and revenue is lower than usual. These franchises make most of their revenue at specific months. For example, lawn and pool maintenance franchises are highly popular in summer, while tutoring and tax franchises gain momentum when it’s school time and tax season respectively.

Pros of Investing in a Seasonal Franchise

Pros of Investing in a Seasonal Franchise

There are many benefits of acquiring a seasonal franchise. They are as follows:

High-demand at peak season

Seasonal franchises gain momentum at certain times, which allows entrepreneurs to generate significant revenue at a short time. As a rule, seasonal franchises require small investment and pay off within one season. Therefore, such business is especially suitable for novice entrepreneurs, as well as for businessmen who want to increase their profits by adding another source of income.

Cost-effective business

Entrepreneurs can focus all investment on particular goods and services that are popular during some season. In an off-season time they can save funds on salaries, inventory, rent cost, and other expenses. It allows franchisees to save money and maximize their income during peak season.

Competitive edge

When you specialize in a certain product or service, you can achieve great quality and results. As you spend all your time and efforts on providing a particular product you can become a real professional in this field, which ultimately gives you a competitive advantage over businesses in a similar segment that spread their efforts while offering a variety of services.

More free time

As most seasonal franchises are busy throughout a certain amount of time, franchisees get a lot of free time during an off-season. It allows entrepreneurs to have a work and life balance and spend more time with loved ones or on other business projects.

Cons of Investing in a Seasonal Franchise

Cons of Investing in a Seasonal Franchise

However, there are some downsides to owning a seasonal franchise. Let’s take a look at them.

Staff hiring

As seasonal franchises do not require a full-time staff, it can be a real challenge to retain employees. Most often, franchise owners have to hire personnel every peak season, which is not always convenient and easy.


The success of a seasonal franchise is dependent on its sales during the peak time. You cannot always count on good and consistent sales and customer flow during certain seasons. It can result in financial instability and even bankruptcy.

Limited opportunities

There is only so much opportunity for growth with a seasonal franchise. As it is actively operated just during certain times, it can be hard to grow and expand your business. With an inability to maintain full-time staff and a finite period of peak seasons, it can be challenging to develop your franchise further.


  • •  Select a franchise with a good reputation. Look into brands that have operated for many years, and have a good track record during the peak season. So, you will be certain that you’re investing money into a proven enterprise. Thus, you need to find a franchisor that helps and supports its franchisees.
  • •  Analyze the industry. Determine what industries you’re interested in, and find out its demand during peak season. Some industries are more popular than others.
  • •  Carefully select the location. The area of operation is very important for the success of a seasonal franchise, as it directly influences the demand for services, traffic, sales, and, therefore, revenue of an enterprise.
  • •  Maintaining relevance. During the off-season it is important to think about customer retention and franchise awareness. Consider marketing means and loyalty programs in order to keep clients engaged and stay relevant.

Seasonal franchise example

Seasonal franchise example

The most common examples of seasonal franchises are holiday decor, vacation, and pool and lawn maintenance franchises. For example, a Christmas Decor franchise is highly popular during winter holidays, whereas Pool Scouts and Dream Vacations franchises will thrive in summer.


Overall, seasonal franchises are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs that look for a profitable business venture that will allow them to have a certain source of income and flexible working schedule. Research the franchise offers, analyze its demand during peak season, and determine what option is the best for you.

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