TOP 4 Main Franchise Markеts on the Earth in 2023

| 15.08.2022
TOP 4 Main Franchise Markеts on the Earth in 2022

To your attention the survey that we conducted in our Topfranchise community.

36 best franchising experts from all over the world took part in the voting. Voting shows us the following priorities. See the voting results:

  • ●  44% plan to develop in Asia
  • ●  25% plan to develop in Europe
  • ●  6% are planning development in Africa
  • ●  25% plan to develop in the Americas
voting results
Developing priorities

ASIA - is where most of those who voted see the prospect of developing their franchise brands in 2022. This looks obvious. We understand this. Vasil Gazizulin Founder of lived for a year in China in Shanghai. He can responsibly say that Asia is Very Hot for the franchises industry.

Developing in Asia


Vasil Gazizulin: Founder of
“Of course, we see that in 2022, not many members of our community have decided to develop in #AFRICA But that's just for now! This only says one thing - There is no competition now. Blue Ocean. Who will be the first - Will win this long race!”

Andrew McQueen FCCA — Managing Director at Smoothie Factory UK & Ireland
“Smoothie Factory international growth isn’t slowing down any time soon. We’d love to see more Asian, Africa and European partners join us on our incredible journey!! Get in touch.”

“I think eventually the African market will evolve but it depends on how u enter it and how to choose partners.. Some international brands have succeeded in the market by choosing the right partners. It will take bit of time but the potential is great in Africa…”

We are grateful to everyone! We wish you successful development!


You can promote your franchises in #ASIA, #AFRICA, #EUROPE, and North and South #AMERICA using our marketplace by following the link: ADD YOUR FRANCHISE

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Vasil Gazizulin

Written by
Vasil Gazizulin
Founder of
CEO Expedition 2009 - 2014
Author of a book «GROW WITH A FRANCHISE»

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