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Southern Fried Chicken franchise
Southern Fried Chicken - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 322,850
Arabica Coffee House franchise
Arabica Coffee House - coffee houses franchise Investment from $ 50,000
Peroni franchise
Peroni - #1 honey franchise Investment from $ 1,150
Coffee Like franchise
Coffee Like - coffee-to-go franchise Investment from $ 14,000
Jour franchise
Jour - healthy restaurant chain franchise Investment from $ 336,942
TUCANO COFFEE - coffee shop franchise Investment from $ 84,600
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 1,442,550
McDonald's  franchise
McDonald's - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 1,058,000
Dairy Queen franchise
Dairy Queen - fast food restaurant franchise Investment from $ 1,083,525
al Mamà Bistrot franchise
al Mamà Bistrot - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 135,000
Burger Club franchise
Burger Club - fast food restaurant franchise Investment from $ 200,000
Los Pollos franchise
Los Pollos - chicken barbecue franchise Investment from $ 175,980
Pasta Express franchise
Pasta Express - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 200,000
Swing Kitchen franchise
Swing Kitchen - real vegan burger franchise Investment from $ 700,000
Uncle Al’s  franchise
Uncle Al’s - American Cafe Franchise Investment from $ 68,000
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Food franchise opportunities in Germany

The constantly growing population of Germany and the steadily increasing purchasing power makes franchise market in the country very attractive for foreign investors. Speaking about F&B franchise businesses we should mention that Germans are very cautious to consuming fast food of international brands as they are very proud of their own restaurants. Among which is Nordsee, fast food restaurant chain offering seafood dishes. However, such world- known brands as McDonald's and Burger King are considered the most popular especially between young people. The market still requires new franchise ideas and well-established F&B companies are ready to share their concepts with new businessmen who are willing to enter the market.