We did it! Franchising. Business in 2021

| 05.05.2021

Conference organizers: Topfranchise, global franchise marketplace.

Global Franchise Conference
How to sell a franchise in 2021

Strategies for achieving results when selling a franchise. Europe. Asia. America. Middle East. Africa. Overview of the market situation.

Spring-summer trends.

Spend 3 hours of your time growing and learning about new opportunities related to international markets, which you will hear about from interesting speakers, founders of your own franchises and experts in the field of franchising.

Conference headliners

  • Albert Kong. Founder/CEO of Asiawide Franchise Consultants.
  • Ilya Zomba. Head of International Franchising Dodo pizza.
  • Orkhan Ahmadov. Founder Ormado Kaffeehaus.
  • Igor Ignajcic. Senior business development manager at Gmojj.
  • Ivan Ivanov. Co-founder/CEO of GeoWOW and BST Organica - geo-analytics and location management services for franchisers and franchisee.
  • Sylvie Gaudy. Paris Expo- show director.
  • Stepan Tratsevskiy. Head of International Development - ETAGI.
  • Evgeniy Karakovskiy. CDEK International franchise development manager.
  • Felix de Wit. The ex master franchisee of the estate agencies REMAX.
  • Yulia Samsonenko. Co-owner of the franchise brand chain Shoe laundry “Two Brothers” and Bar - chain “Barmuzey of Vasya Lozhkin”.
  • Mikhail Khabirov. Project manager at ID.WORLD.
  • Anton Zaushitsyan. Co-founder CleanBros.
  • Ruslan Cojocaru. Founder Tucano Coffee.
  • Gleb Kharitonov. CEO Briskly - Founder Briskly.
  • Alex Depase. Founder and CEO of Global Franchise Exchange & World Properties International Franchise.

Conference moderator

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