Top 9 Best Halal Franchises in the UK

| 31.05.2024
Top 9 Best Halal Franchises in the UK
In the vibrant and dynamic landscape of the United Kingdom, there's a notable upswing in the demand for halal products and services. This growing trend, driven by a burgeoning Muslim population and a wider embrace of halal practices, has paved the way for entrepreneurial ventures. Halal food franchises, combining reliable business frameworks with halal certification, emerge as a prime opportunity in this shifting market. This article delves into the leading nine halal franchises in the UK, shedding light on their investment potential and the distinct benefits they offer.

Things to Consider With Halal Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Before venturing into the realm of halal food franchises, it's crucial to evaluate several key factors to ensure your success:

Halal Certification: Ensure the franchise rigorously complies with halal certification standards, guaranteeing all products and services align with necessary dietary and ethical guidelines.

Market Research: Conduct comprehensive research to understand the demand for halal products in your target area. Areas with large Muslim populations, particularly in urban settings, often present the most promising opportunities.

Brand Reputation: The franchise's reputation is paramount. Choose franchises with a strong, positive presence in the market and a track record of dependability.

Support and Training: Look for franchises that provide robust support and training programs, helping you efficiently manage both operational and business aspects.

Strategic Location: The success of your franchise can hinge on its location. Target areas with significant Muslim demographics or regions known for cultural diversity.

Cultural Sensitivity: Beyond offering halal products, ensure your franchise creates an inclusive and welcoming environment that honors the cultural and religious values of your customers.

Best halal franchises In the UK

1. Loaded Burgers

Established in: 2014
Started Franchising: 2016
Number of Franchise Locations: 2
Initial Investment Required: from £150,000
Royalty Fees: 6%

In a world where the ordinary burger reigns supreme, Loaded Burgers emerges as the king of culinary excess. Imagine biting into a colossal stack of juicy, hand-pressed beef patties, each layer smothered in melted cheese, crispy bacon, and an array of tantalizing toppings that defy the laws of gravity. Here, every burger is a masterpiece of indulgence, artfully crafted with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Loaded Burgers isn't just a meal; it's an experience, where every bite explodes with taste and satisfaction. Whether customers want classic combinations or crave the thrill of the unknown, there's a loaded burger here that will redefine their understanding of the perfect burger.

Loaded Burgers

2. Favorite

Established in: 1986
Started Franchising: 1986
Number of Franchise Locations: 90+
Initial Investment Required: £120,000-£180,000
Royalty Fees: fixed

Favorite isn't merely a name; it's a commitment. This cherished fast-food chain has earned a special place among food enthusiasts who crave the comforting essence of home-cooked meals without the fuss. Offering an array of dishes from golden fried chicken to robust burgers and more, Favorite brings a delightful spin to comfort food. Each dish is crafted with attention and love, making every bite feel like an embrace from a loved one. Whether you're stopping by for a quick lunch or gathering for a family dinner, Favorite always delivers something that perfectly satisfies your cravings.


3. Chicken Cottage

Established in: 1994
Started Franchising: 1997
Number of Franchise Locations: 80+
Initial Investment Required: £200,000- £250,000
Royalty Fees: 6%

Amidst the fast-paced chaos of city life, Chicken Cottage shines as a sanctuary for lovers of crispy, juicy fried chicken. Born in the bustling core of the metropolis, this fast-food gem combines a medley of spices and flavors from across the globe, crafting a unique and international culinary experience. Whether you're savoring classic wings and drumsticks or exploring inventive wraps and burgers, Chicken Cottage presents a menu as diverse as its patrons. Each dish is a festive blend of flavor, texture, and community spirit, solidifying its status as a beloved destination for both food aficionados and casual eaters.

Chicken Cottage

4. Rooster Shack

Established in: 2016
Started Franchising: 2019
Number of Franchise Locations: 6
Initial Investment Required: from £75,000
Royalty Fees: 5%

Rooster Shack isn't just a name; it's a proclamation of culinary excellence. This fast-casual eatery prides itself on serving chicken that's perfectly crispy and golden, yet packed with vibrant, bold flavors. From the intense spice of their signature hot wings to the hearty delight of their grilled chicken sandwiches, Rooster Shack guarantees a thrilling taste journey with every meal. Emphasizing fresh ingredients and unwavering quality, Rooster Shack has swiftly become a favorite destination for those seeking more from their fast-food experience. It's where the everyday chicken is transformed into a gourmet delight, one delectable bite after another.

Rooster Shack

5. Thai Express

Established in: 2004
Started Franchising: 2004
Number of Franchise Locations: 285+
Initial Investment Required: $454,040-$726,700
Royalty Fees: 6%

Amidst the fast-food landscape, Thai Express emerges as a refined choice, inviting customers on a captivating excursion through the rich tastes of Thailand. Offering a diverse menu ranging from traditional Pad Thai to fragrant green curries, Thai Express captures the essence of Thai street cuisine in a fast and convenient format. Every dish is meticulously crafted with fresh ingredients and genuine spices, ensuring a symphony of exotic flavors with each bite. For those craving a swift yet elevated dining experience, Thai Express is the ultimate destination, where the intricacies of Thai culinary artistry meet the efficiency of contemporary dining.

Thai Express

6. Tariq Halal

Established in: 1965
Started Franchising: 2010
Number of Franchise Locations: 10
Initial Investment Required: upon request
Royalty Fees: no

At Tariq Halal, it's not merely a name; it's a dedication to delivering top-tier halal meats and provisions. With a profound reverence for heritage and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Tariq Halal has earned its place as a dependable provider of fresh, ethically-sourced meats adhering to the most stringent halal guidelines. Beyond a typical butcher shop, Tariq Halal extends a selection of prepared foods and ingredients, simplifying the quest for delightful, nourishing meals for families. Whether it's premium meat cuts or convenient ready-to-cook selections, Tariq Halal guarantees that each item embodies the principles of quality, authenticity, and tradition.

Tariq Halal

7. Camile Thai Kitchen

Established in: 2010
Started Franchising: 2010
Number of Franchise Locations: 35
Initial Investment Required: £100,000-£400,000
Royalty Fees: 5%

Camile Thai Kitchen redefines fast food with a focus on health and sustainability without sacrificing flavor. Specializing in Thai cuisine, Camile offers a menu that is not only delicious but also mindful of nutrition and environmental impact. With dishes like zesty Thai salads, flavorful stir-fries, and hearty curries, every item is crafted to deliver maximum taste with minimum guilt. Camile Thai Kitchen is perfect for those who want to indulge in the rich, complex flavors of Thai food while maintaining a balanced, healthy diet. It's where you can savor every bite, knowing that you're making a choice that's good for you and the planet.

Camile Thai Kitchen

8. Caprinos Pizza Ltd

Established in: 2014
Started Franchising: 2014
Number of Franchise Locations: 97
Initial Investment Required: from £120,000
Royalty Fees: 3%

Caprinos Pizza Ltd is where pizza dreams come true. This pizzeria takes the art of pizza-making seriously, using only the finest ingredients to create pies that are nothing short of perfection. From the hand-tossed dough to the rich tomato sauce and premium toppings, every element is carefully chosen to ensure an unforgettable pizza experience. Whether you prefer a classic Margherita or a bold, inventive creation, Caprinos Pizza delivers with flair and precision. Each pizza is baked to golden perfection, offering a symphony of flavors that will satisfy even the most discerning pizza lover. At Caprinos, it's all about crafting the perfect slice, one pizza at a time.

Caprinos Pizza Ltd

9. Southern Fried Chicken

Established in: 1971
Started Franchising: 1989
Number of Franchise Locations: 700+
Initial Investment Required: min. £100,000
Royalty Fees: fixed

Bringing the genuine flavors of the American South straight to your table, Southern Fried Chicken ensures a taste of the Deep South no matter your location. Renowned for its flawlessly seasoned, crunchy chicken, this fast-food establishment embodies the vibrant culinary legacy of Southern cuisine. Each chicken piece is infused with a secret medley of spices and fried to a delightful golden hue, delivering an irresistibly crispy bite. But Southern Fried Chicken isn't just about the bird; its menu features an array of Southern-inspired sides and desserts, guaranteeing a fully satisfying dining experience. For those yearning for the comforting tastes of Southern fare, Southern Fried Chicken presents a journey through tradition that promises pure culinary joy.

Southern Fried Chicken

Advantages of starting halal franchise business in the UK

Diversifying Customer Base: With the burgeoning Muslim population in the UK, there's a surging demand for halal goods and services, presenting a fertile ground for a constantly widening clientele.

Established Business Models: When opting for franchises, you're embracing tried-and-tested frameworks, slashing the uncertainties tied to launching a fresh enterprise. This encompasses robust supply chains, savvy marketing ploys, and streamlined operational protocols.

Embracing Brand Eminence: Aligning with the best halal food franchises grants instant access to an established realm of brand loyalty and recognition, magnetizing patrons right from the get-go.

Holistic Support System: Franchises extend a holistic arm of support, encompassing rigorous training, astute marketing maneuvers, and strategic operational counsel, a priceless boon for fledgling entrepreneurs.

Community Fusion: Halal franchises morph into veritable community nuclei, nurturing profound bonds with local clienteles and nurturing a steadfast following through the grapevine of positive endorsements.

Expansive Array of Avenues: The halal domain transcends culinary boundaries. It presents a panorama of prospects across diverse sectors like fashion, healthcare, and aesthetics, enabling you to handpick a niche resonating with your fervor and proficiency.

Cultural Resonance: By proffering halal merchandise, franchisees forge deep-seated connections with the cultural and religious ethos of their patrons, amplifying customer allegiance and contentment.

Moral Magnetism: Halal franchises are beacons of ethical integrity, magnetizing not just Muslim consumers but also a wider demographic keen on ethical and sustainable consumption.

Fostering Growth Trajectories: Flourishing halal franchises harbor boundless vistas for expansion, both domestically and internationally, tapping into the global sphere of halal commerce.


In the UK, the halal franchise market presents a distinctive and lucrative prospect for enterprising individuals. As the appetite for halal goods swells, backed by sturdy support networks and a knack for addressing culturally unique requirements, halal franchises carve a route to both fiscal prosperity and substantial societal influence. Be it culinary delights, sartorial elegance, or service provision, the British halal franchise landscape brims with diverse openings. Taking the plunge into this industry not only ensures financial gains but also facilitates a platform for nurturing cultural harmony and comprehension.
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