TOP-5 World’s Biggest Franchises

| 14.10.2022
TOP-5 World’s Biggest Franchises

There are several franchises that can be considered leaders in the international market. The world’s biggest franchises are mostly fast-food franchises. Food industry is one of the most thriving and profitable sectors. There are many well-known brands that stay on top through years of operation thanks to the wide brand recognition, accelerated rate of unit growth, and management systems.

5 Biggest Franchises In The World

McDonald's, 7-Eleven, KFC, Subway, Burger King lead the top-5 of the largest franchises in the world. These brands operate on a global level and have a high rate of expansion. As you can see, these are the franchisors that have operated for a while and already have a steady customer and money flow. These brands also have some of the highest franchise costs. However, they have a proven business model, and if you were to pick one of them for business, you will enter a prosperous network with many benefits.

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