Franchise UDS GAME - marketing mobile APP for business


Description of Franchise mobile APP for business UDS GAME

Every business owner meets the challenges of retaining prospects and creating:

  • Flexible discount and bonus program;
  • Special tools to motivate customers to make repeat purchases;
  • System allows to increase the Average check;
  • Digitization solutions and World of mouth marketing;
  • Customer feedback tools;
  • Methods to monitor Customer service;
  • Tools to improve customer communications.

UDS Game

  • It cuts advertising costs;
  • Help to improve Customer service;
  • Increase the amount of purchases;
  • Made on regular basis;
  • It operates around the World.

  • UDS GAME solves the following tasks:
    * Mobile app
  • The mobile application for IOS and Android devices
    * Loyalty program
  • The bonus program helps in retaining and increasing the number of customers
    * Marketing tools
  • The array of marketing tools that help you to grow your business
    * Statistical and Analytical Data
  • Generate reports with the information about your customers and their preferences and daily/ weekly/monthly operations reports as well
    * Customer Feedback
  • The Feedback system allows to receive customers’ feedback on company and evaluate customer service
Franchise UDS GAME - marketing mobile APP for business

Franchise offer

The idea of our brand is built on three pillars

  • 1. “Another advertisement”
    Implementation of referral marketing to traditional business spheres as alternative to expensive advertising instruments.
  • 2. “Supply and demand”
    Our mobile application gives an opportunity to unify a great number of customers and suppliers.
  • 3. “Marketing MIX”
    Combination of marketing instruments that helps to simplify the process of communication with customers.

You can develop business two ways.

Case A. Create and lead team of sales and integration of IT product in small and medium B2C business. All business which sale products or service to costumers (café, restorauns, shops, trainings, hotels etc.)

Case B. Develop territory and franchise net. Build and training teams, use networking and resale franchise.

Franchise opportunities - UDS GAME

How much does UDS GAME franchise cost?

UDS GAME has the franchise fee of up to $300, with total initial investment of up to $5,000.

Initial investments: $5,000
Payback period: 1 - 3 months
Average turnover per month: $15,000
Royalties: $30 per year for contract prolongation
Franchise fees: $300 per year

Use of the brand, use of automated back office systems, database access, brand book, all marketing tools and presentations, every week study programs, innovation business.

Other current payments: none

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Additional information

This new innovational buisnisess. It include mobile trendes, developing new market, high benefit it product, gamification trend, being in demand mostly in generation Y, Z.
To get more information and opportunities, please, be comfortable connect us.

High profit
High profitability and payback speed
High liquidity of investments
Marketing strategy and clients
24-hour customer and technical support.

Franchise for Sale - UDS GAME

Success story

Cases of using

Results of the year 2017, Partners meeting

Business model

UDS GAME franchise information

Depends of chosen case. Franchise can use both any time.
Case A.
Sale and integration product licenses for business clients.
License for sale $900 once and $20 Subscription fee per month
Subscription fee $100 per month

Additional benefit from contracts on integration, stuff training, content support…

Case B.
Develop franchiese net and regions. Business model on demand.

Requirements to buy franchise
  • We welcome all people and companies worldwide who have open to innovations and new expierence.
Requirements for the room
  • IT product doesn’t need any room. There for investments on franchise graduatly fall.
Size of stores, sales offices
  • IT product have no stores.

Franchise advantages

how to buy a UDS GAME franchise

Our goal is to share our ideas with Global internet market through implementation of our products.

We develop innovation busness.
IT product whith great profitability. More copyes of digital product - less prime cost, more revenue.
International product – translation over 25 languages.
Two way of developing:
1) product sale and integration.
2) Franchise net developing.

We establish long-term partnerships and provide our Clients with overall support.
We grow and always improve our products. Thus, they answer modern market dynamics.
We love our creative and professional team that work so hard in order to convert all Company’s ideas into reality.
Our priority is clear understanding of Company’s goals and progress oriented towards exponential growth.
We maintain high-quality of our products and services.

  • Starting investments from:
    5 000 $
  • Year company was founded
  • Year of launching franchise
  • Franchised companies
  • Owned companies
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