5 life hacks for selling your franchise in 2023

| 27.12.2022
5 life hacks for selling your franchise in 2023

#1. Rule 2F. Family, Friends. Start with them. This is a God-given environment. Like the center of darts. But you are already in the center!

#2. Your employees. Colleagues. Everyone who works for you. Make a meeting for them next week. Give thanks. Tell them - you have a franchise now!

#3. Your clients own or already opened Franchise outlets. There are two types of marketing here. Pull - make retargeting based on the digital database of your customers. Push - mailing to the database of your customers. You have to do it carefully. But it works!

#4. The easiest action, but I bet you haven't done it yet - Hang a poster on the door of your point. Franchise Poster! It works!

#5. Write a press release about your Franchise. According to the formula

  • ●  About Me
  • ●  About company
  • ●  About the franchise

And send it to us! At Topfranchise. We will publish for sure!


These actions helped me sell over 500 franchises in 10 years. I know what I'm talking about. The main thing is to do it regularly!

These 5 easy steps will lead to Franchise sales in 2023!
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Happy New Year!

Vasil Gazizulin

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