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| 15.06.2020
Unik-Um franchise
Therefore, I opened the School of Fine Arts in Russia and the Art school in the foreign market. Both schools are related to a social business with a well-rounded model; the Company has also developed the online platform, which gives us beneficial advantages.

As an artist, I promote new talents, which helps me to create a growth system for children and adults. Yes, of course, the school aims to work with both children and adults.

Here are some details about how the school operates:

  • Children from 3/4 years to 6/7 years undergo psychological testing before starting the lessons. Psychological testing allows us to understand the length of the lesson for a small artist. For children, lessons are held in a relaxed, informative atmosphere. The topics of languages, mathematics, history, astronomy, physics, and the world, are touched on, as well as the ability to communicate with people.
  • For children 7-15 years old, a program is prepared for mixed age groups. As a rule, children under 10 years old come for 2 hours, and children over 10 years old for 3 hours. Therefore, older children have an hour to talk about topics related only to their age.
    In this age group, we focus on career counseling, development of thinking, the ability to communicate outside the family, and, of course, art therapy.
  • The category of adults includes all students over 15 years old. In those groups, art therapy training takes the main place.

The rest of the training take place only individually for all age groups.

What does individual learning mean?

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Each student (of any age group) is considered by us as a unique artist. Teachers select techniques and technologies for working with paints, solid material, clay for him.

We make participation in art exhibitions compulsory for our students, where we can promote their talents.

We strive to ensure that our school is in cooperation with the main art communities.

The established friendly contacts with Russian communities abroad allow us to make unique joint projects.

We are waiting for people who are interested in this franchises.

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