The 5 Best Vending Machine Franchise Businesses in Canada for 2021

Update: 23.06.2021
Best Vending Machine Franchise Businesses in Canada
The main advantages of vending machines are convenience and accessibility to customers. Therefore, vending machine franchises are becoming popular among entrepreneurs as they bring fast return on investment. They offer a wide variety of concepts, including ATMs, coffee makers, healthy snack machines, etc. The best vending machine franchises in Canada provide their franchisees with all necessary tools and know-hows in order to make them become fully set up in business. If you find vending machine business to be right for you, check out the list of popular vending machine franchise opportunities in Canada.

Here is the top 5 vending machine franchises in Canada

Go Nourished

Founded in: 1970
Initial investment: from $25,000

Premium & healthy products are the future of vending and locations across Canada love the Go Nourished Smart Market. Your Go Nourished Smart Markets are a route of automated salesmen working for you while you carry on your normal daily activities. Our unique vending machines are designed with a graphic display serving as a live billboard for the great products that we all know, love and want. Enjoy the tax write-offs for your car, gas, insurance, home office, phones, computers, entertainment expenses and more!

Go Nourished franchise

Healthy Cravings

Franchising since: 2012
Initial investment: from $10,000

Healthy lifestyles have created demands for healthier snacks in vending machines. Today, people from all walks of life are looking for "Healthy Atmospheres" in their workplace environments. We have answered their demands with "Healthy Cravings." Our machines are filled with low calorie, low carb, whole food snacks such an organic nuts, custom trail mixes and a variety of healthier snacks. Instead of dispensing candies that satisfies the sweet tooth, our machines are providing healthier snack options that satisfies the taste buds and waist lines. With nearly 30 years of manufacturing and industry experience, we have the tools and know-how to assist and help you become 100% set up in business in this growth industry.

Healthy Cravings franchise

MTI Telecom

Franchising since: 2006
Initial investment: from $25,000

MIT Telecom is pleased to present Canada’s most exciting business opportunity with their prepaid products business. Now you can quickly generate wealth at a very low start-up cost! Available across Canada, the MTI system’s prepaid products are the best value in the industry, and we have plenty of locations available in your area. The MTI system is the easiest way to generate income without having to maintain a retail office, or pay ongoing expenses associated with retail franchises. This is a simple cash-based business that you can run Minimum time, Part time or Full time and there’s no selling required.

MTI Telecom franchise

Pringles Vending Business

Initial investment: from $10,000
Royalty Fees: 0%

As a Pringles Vending Business Partner you will be provided with our proven business system. A system designed to put you on the fast track to success. The Pringles Vending Business Program is available in 3 different startup levels. Choose the level that best suits your needs and enjoy your profits for years to come! Start your own home-based vending business today!

Pringles Vending Business franchise

Snack 4 Health

Founded in: 1987
Initial investment: from $10,000

Snack 4 Health Vending does not just sell machines with has the state of the art technology, but we are also committed to your success in the Healthy Vending business. Healthy Vending is the Hottest business opportunity in the vending business and we want you to be successful because your success is our success. Snack 4 Health also sets you up with wholesalers to purchase your product. Snack 4 Health vending has the most advanced machine in the market. Our manufacturer has been around since 1987 and the quality of machines is second to none. You are in good hands at Snack 4 Health. We go the extra mile.

Snack 4 Health franchise

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