Top 18 Food Franchises In Mumbai 2023

| 30.11.2023
Top 18 Food Franchises In Mumbai
Mumbai, a city known for its bustling markets, alluring landmarks, heterogeneous culture, and the sizzling aroma of diverse culinary cuisines, has emerged as the high-growth hotbed for food enterprises. From swanky coffee shops to the tastiest burger joints, the culinary landscape of Mumbai is ever-expanding, rendering incredible franchise investment possibilities. In this 2023 article, we delve deep into Mumbai's food industry, spotlighting the top food franchise opportunities in the city.

Best food franchises in Mumbai

1. London Coffee

Foundation Date: 2000
Franchising Commenced: 2005
Franchised Outlets: 45
Startup Investment: 20-30 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 7 %

Inspired by London's traditional coffee houses, London Coffee renders a blend of rich, aromatic coffee and taste of global cuisines with a local touch in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. An escape into an English coffee lounge experience, London Coffee extends the quintessential café culture of the foggy City of London with finely brewed coffees and British pastries.

London Coffee

2. Jumboking

Foundation Date: 2001
Franchising Commenced: 2002
Franchised Outlets: 115
Startup Investment: 15-30 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 4%

JumboKing provides a curated fast-food experience inspired by Indian traditions, focusing on its famous "vada pav", a Mumbai street-food classic, setting new standards in the QSR format. Owning the "Vada Pav" panorama, Jumboking fuses tradition with innovation, crowning the popular snack with unique infusions and tasty sides.


3. Wow! Momo

Foundation Date: 2008
Franchising Commenced: 2010
Franchised Outlets: 345
Startup Investment: 1-8 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 8%

Wow! Momo transformed the common "momo" into a popular culinary innovation with a broad variety of stuffings that cater to diverse palates. Wow! Momo takes traditional Tibetan cuisine to the heart of Mumbai, highlighting fresh and flavorful momos in spirited, unexpected variations.

Wow! Momo

4. Chai Dosti Amruttulya

Foundation Date: 2017
Franchising Commenced: 2018
Franchised Outlets: 80
Startup Investment: 2-12 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 5%

Chai Dosti Amruttulya prides itself in serving handcrafted traditional Indian tea. This franchise enchants with its devotion to chai, featuring a spectrum of Indian regional teas, inviting guests for a warm conversation over a comforting cup.

Chai Dosti Amruttulya

5. Eggsplore

Foundation Date: 2012
Franchising Commenced: 2014
Franchised Outlets: 80
Startup Investment: 12-15 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 6%

Eggsplore, as the name suggests, opens up an exciting new world of egg-based dishes for patrons, creating a fusion of flavors from across the globe with a distinctive Indian twist. Eggsplore journeys through an exceptional variety of egg-inspired dishes, from classic omelets to exotic fusions.


6. Premacha Chaha

Foundation Date: 2010
Franchising Commenced: 2012
Franchised Outlets: 120
Startup Investment: 2-8 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 5%

Dedicated to preserving the charm of roadside tea-stalls, Premacha Chaha brings affordable and homely tea experiences to the high streets, spiced up with a dash of local camaraderie and love. Infused with love and warmth, Premacha Chaha traces the nostalgia of homemade tea, delivering the earnest simplicity and flavor that touches the heart.

Premacha Chaha

7. What A Sandwich

Foundation Date: 2014
Franchising Commenced: 2016
Franchised Outlets: 75
Startup Investment: 1-3 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 7%

What A Sandwich catapults the humble sandwich to stardom, rendering a mind-boggling array of gourmet sandwiches that pack an entire meal's nutrition and flavor between two pieces of bread. Curating sandwiches from around the globe, What A Sandwich layers flavor, texture, and heart in each bite, creating an international symphony of deliciousness.

What A Sandwich

8. Desi Burger

Foundation Date: 2015
Franchising Commenced: 2017
Franchised Outlets: 85
Startup Investment: 2-6 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 6%

With Desi Burger, the flavor of the streets meets western influence; resulting in tantalizing burgers infused with a dash of Desi spices that tantalize the taste buds. Desi Burger integrates regional spices and ingredients, crafting a unique range of heartwarming delights.

Desi Burger

9. Fries N Burger

Foundation Date: 2013
Franchising Commenced: 2015
Franchised Outlets: 60
Startup Investment: 20-30 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 7%

Perfectly capturing the spirit of food street flavors, Fries N Burger offers an array of juicy burgers and crispy French fries that serve as an affordable gastronomic delight.

Fries N Burger

10. Sweet World

Foundation Date: 2011
Franchising Commenced: 2013
Franchised Outlets: 90
Startup Investment: 2-5 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 5%

A paradise for sweet enthusiasts, Sweet World encompasses the globe's best and delectable desserts, showcasing a vibrant array of confections that mesmerize the senses. Sweet World brings joy to your taste buds with the finest of candies, chocolates, and sweets from throughout the globe, making every visit a sweet escape.

Sweet World

11. Subway

Foundation Date: 1965
Franchising Commenced: 1974
Franchised Outlets: 40,000+ worldwide
Startup Investment: Approximately 35-80 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 8%

As a global leader in fast-service establishments, Subway renders a diverse menu of endless permutations of subs, salads, and wraps - all fresh and tailor-crafted to patrons’ preferences. Offering the tradition of the globe's favorite sandwiches, the company brings the freshness and healthiness of greens, meat, and sauces wrapped in oven-baked bread.


12. Chicago Pizza

Foundation Date: 2007
Franchising Commenced: 2008
Franchised Outlets: 100+
Startup Investment: Approximately 10-20 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 5%

Bringing the soul of Chicago to every crust, Chicago Pizza lets you enjoy world-class deep-dish or thin crust pizza filled with a plethora of flavorful toppings.

Chicago Pizza

13. Frozen Bottle

Foundation Date: 2017
Franchising Commenced: 2017
Franchised Outlets: 100
Startup Investment: 20-30 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 8%

When it comes to premium milkshakes and desserts, the Frozen Bottle name comes to mind. Its richness of flavors and array of menu items have gained love from numerous customers.

Frozen Bottle

14. Kurtosshhh

Foundation Date: 2010
Franchising Commenced: 2012
Franchised Outlets: 35
Startup Investment: 5-12 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 6%

Kurtosshhh introduces India to the culinary charms of the Eastern European Kürtőskalács, or chimney cake, sweet spiral bread that delights every sense.


15. Cheelizza

Foundation Date: 2012
Franchising Commenced: 2015
Franchised Outlets: 70
Startup Investment: 10-15 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 7%

Cheelizza is a testament to the timeless combination of cheese and pizza, rendering a savory mix of gourmet pizzas covered with the finest mixtures of exotic cheeses.


16. Giani's

Foundation Date: 1956
Franchising Commenced: 2007
Franchised Outlets: 150
Startup Investment: 10-15 Lakhs
Royalty Fee: 8%

Giani's has become the go-to destination for ice cream since its inception, rendering scoops of happiness in a variety of unique and delicious flavors. Recreating the nostalgia of Indian Kulfi and ice cream delights, Giani's delivers a fusion of custom and modern tastes, promising an invincible allure.


17. KFC

Foundation Date: 1930
Franchising Commenced: 1952
Franchised Outlets: 25,000+
Startup Investment: 1-2.5 Cr
Royalty Fee: 5%

KFC, a globally recognized chain of fast-food establishments, offers a finger-licking good menu with a primary focus on its original recipe fried chicken. Home to the irreplaceable crispy, Kentucky style fried chicken, the KFC brand unites the world's chicken lovers in their pursuit of fried perfection and delectable sides.


18. Domino's Pizza

Foundation Date: 1960
Franchising Commenced: 1967
Franchised Outlets: 15,000+ globally
Startup Investment: 75 Lakhs - 3 Cr
Royalty Fee: 5.5%

Domino's Pizza, an undying love story between the crust, cheese, and toppings, puts together classic and innovative pizza formats with tempting sides and dessert options. As a worldwide pizza delivery corporation, Domino's serves an assortment of pizza, pasta, and sides with the promise of quick servicing and consistent excellence.

Domino's Pizza

Why invest in food franchises in Mumbai

Investing in a food franchise in Mumbai offers an enthralling opportunity in a market that exhibits an unending hunger for culinary experiences. Not only does it provide a high ROI due to the city's population density and disposable income levels, but it also provides a chance to work with established networks, contributing to the sprawling food culture.

Even with the ebb and flow of the economic waves, the food industry's unwavering demand makes Mumbai an enduring prospect for investment. Rigorous business models of these top food franchises in Mumbai further fortify the opportunity.


Choosing a food franchise business in Mumbai illuminates the pathway to success in not just the city's booming industry but in entrepreneurship as well. The assured franchise models of the franchisors and the vibrant culture of the city contribute to developing a thriving environment for growth. The top food franchises mentioned above have not only capitalized on the city's culinary preferences but have also adapted to its unique challenges, making them integral players in Mumbai's ever-evolving food industry.

The best food franchises in Mumbai provide the potentiality of leveraging the city's gastronomic allure while providing an aromatic customer experience. As the city continues to grow and diversify, the prospects for food franchises in Mumbai remain enticing for those looking to enter this dynamic and rewarding market. After all, in the City of Dreams, why simply dream when you have a chance to cook up your success story?
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