Coders Lab franchise
Coders Lab - Education IT School Franchise Investment from $50,000
Abakus Center franchise
Abakus Center - Abakus Center - Child Education Franchise Investment from $5,505
Verbatoria franchise
Verbatoria - Talent Quotient - Child Care Franchise Investment from $4,990
EduCare4u franchise
EduCare4u - Education Hub Franchise Investment from $15,000
Podsolnuh PRO franchise
Podsolnuh PRO - Kids Center - Child Care Franchise Investment from $26,020
KidsDevelop franchise
KidsDevelop - Child Education Franchise Investment from $11,660
Sylvan Learning franchise
Sylvan Learning - Supplemental Education Franchise Investment from $70,980
GradePower franchise
GradePower - Supplemental Education Franchise Investment from $106,600
Kids Star Studio franchise
Kids Star Studio - english bilingual club and kindergarten franchise Investment from $10,370
KinderMBA franchise
KinderMBA - Child Education Franchise Investment from $82,020
Parker-Anderson franchise
Parker-Anderson - Educational Enrichment Franchise Investment from $15,980
Creative World School franchise
Creative World School - Early Education Franchise Investment from $2,445,300
Wine & Design franchise
Wine & Design - Paint & Sip Franchise Investment from $67,300
Streamline Brands franchise
Streamline Brands - Swimming School Franchise Investment from $39,500
Club Z! franchise
Club Z! - In-Home Tutoring Franchise Investment from $33,800
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Education franchise opportunities & tutoring franchises in Turkey

Over 30 percent of Turkish people is under the age of eighteen. All of them would like to get education competitive on the global market and have strong career prospects. It provides good opportunities for both home and international education franchise businesses. The main franchise sectors in Turkey are English language training franchises, preschool chains, IT education, private schools and universities. Many foreign educational brands from US, England, Canada have recently entered the market. However, the number is still not enough to satisfy all the needs of Turkish youth. If you'd like to start your own educational business in the country with constantly growing demand for quality education, discover some of the best opportunities on the website.