KIO DA franchise
KIO DA - retail shops chain franchise Investment from $ 139,000
Zoom'n'Joy franchise
Zoom'n'Joy - retail stores with optical equipment franchise Investment from $ 36,000
SG COCOMATIN franchise
SG COCOMATIN - offline retail shop and app store franchise Investment from $ 250,000
Third Sense franchise
Third Sense - aroma marketing franchise Investment from $ 29,000
Goodwill franchise
Goodwill - gastronomic supermarkets franchise Investment from $ 222,000
Orenburgsky Downy Shawl franchise
Orenburgsky Downy Shawl - downy products shop franchise Investment from $ 11,000
JoxBox franchise
JoxBox - unique surprise gift service franchise Investment from $ 240,000
Krispy Kreme franchise
Krispy Kreme - doughnuts and coffee store franchise Investment from $ 275,000
OJO SUNGLASSES - chain of sunglasses franchise Investment from $ 100,000
Henney Bear franchise
Henney Bear - bags, luggages and wallets franchise Investment from $ 20,000
Gerry Weber franchise
Gerry Weber - women's cothing franchise Investment from $ 90,000
Magic Lollipops  franchise
Magic Lollipops - franchise of caramel figures Investment from $ 5,400
Circle K franchise
Circle K - convenience store franchise Investment from $ 185,500
Baskin-Robbins franchise
Baskin-Robbins - ice cream and cake shop franchise Investment from $ 25,000
Cone Cream franchise
Cone Cream - modern ice-cream franchise Investment from $ 6,900
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Retail franchise opportunities in Mexico

Mexico has huge population and the number of Mexicans who comprise "high" and "middle" class shoppers is rapidly growing. Therefore, the demand for high quality goods is high. The biggest growth rates in 2017 in retail sector included internet retailing, convenience stores and department stores. The leading retail franchise company in 2017 was Wal-Mart de México with its value share more than twice higher than the second biggest player. There are many strong Mexican home-based retail franchises as well as plenty of world-known US brands such as Costco, Victoria’s Secret, Cold Stone Creamery, Wendy’s and Baskin-Robbins on Mexican market. If you are willing to join the retail franchise community in the country, choose some interesting franchise concept below.