The 10 Best Education Franchises in India for 2023

Update: 24.03.2021
Popular Education Franchises in India for 2021

The famous quote of Benjamin Franklin says that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Education business will definitely have a successful outcome. On the one hand, teaching others brings the feeling that you work for the betterment of humanity. On the other hand, people will always strive for new knowledge and invest into their own and their kids` education. Opting for an education franchise, the entrepreneur makes the right choice as they acquire a well-known brand name together with well-established business and educational processes. To enter the education area as a business owner, pick up the best out of the list of Popular 10 Education Franchises in India.

Here are the best 10 education franchises 2021 in India


Founded in: 1993
Franchising since: 2004
Franchise units: 105
Initial investment: $750 - $3,000
Royalty Fees: For Unit Franchise Royalty will be 25% where 12.5% will be paid to Master Franchiser and 12.5% to Aloha India.

ALOHA International is the world's largest abacus training company. In India, ALOHA International has partnered ALOHA INDIA in the year 2002 and has 70000 + students registered in network for Abacus, English language & Vedik maths course across just Gujarat state. There are two modes of franchise are Master Franchisee - To expand Aloha network in their territory, Unit Franchisee - To develop their Aloha Learning Center.


Founded in: 1993
Franchising since: 2011
Franchise units: 500 - 1000
Initial investment: $15,000 - $45,000
Royalty Fees: 20%

ActionCOACH is the World's # 1 Business Coaching Firm focussed on SME's. The vision is to create abundance by providing a business re-education to SME Business Owners. Interested persons may take the Coach Test at their website for an initial no commitment consultation to see if there is a match between their goals and aspirations with what this franchise opportunity provides.

IBT Institute Private Limited

Founded in: 2008
Franchising since: 2009
Franchise units: 100 - 200
Initial investment: $3,000 - $7,000
Royalty Fees: 15%

IBT Institute Private Limited is a premier institute with its presence pan India and working in the field of preparation of competitive examinations of varying kinds – wiz: Banking P.O/Clerk, S.S.C, CAT, RBI, Railways, Insurance, CMAT, FCI etc. To be an entrepreneur in the education sector join IBT Institute Private Limited franchise model.

Kumon India Education Pvt Ltd

Founded in: 1954
Franchising since: 2005
Franchise units: 100 - 200
Initial investment: $7,000 - $14,000
Royalty Fees: 45%

Kumon is the world’s leading after-school enrichment programme. Kumon learning centers for children specializes in nationwide after school math and reading programs for preschool students through 12th grade. Kumon is a structured, proven self-learning program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently.

Brain Checker Techno Services

Founded in: 2007
Franchising since: 2012
Franchise units: 500 - 1000
Initial investment: $3,000 - $7,000
Royalty Fees: 25%

Brain Checker Techno Services (India) is India's Largest Career Counseling & Brain Development Company with over 750+ Franchises in 23 States in India. Brain Checker’s entry level franchise is known as Local Franchise (DMIT). This is most suitable for investors who want to get into the education sector on a part time basis or with minimum investment.


Founded in: 1993
Franchising since: 1999
Franchise units: 10000 Worldwide
Initial investment: $700 - $3,000
Royalty Fees: 22%

UCMAS is an international company headquartered in Malaysia with its presence in 75 countries. UCMAS promotes whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain using an innovative visual arithmetic program utilizing the Abacus as a teaching tool. UCMAS provides an opportunity to own a franchisee in an area with many benefits. You can own a franchisee which has an international presence and reputation.

FocalPoint Coaching powered by Brian Tracy

Founded in: 1999
Franchising since: 2005
Franchise units: 10 - 20
Initial investment: $15,000 - $30,000

FocalPoint, powered by Brian Tracy, is one of the world's premier coaching & training organisations. You can own your own training, coaching and consulting business. This franchise model provides you with all the advantages of a world-class system plus the ability to put your individual stamp on your business. FocalPoint provides each franchise business coach with proven and "Guaranteed" content, delivered to business owners through 1 on 1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Workshops and Seminars.


Founded in: 2008
Franchising since: 2011
Franchise units: 200 - 500
Initial investment: $3,000 - $10,000

Smartschool Education Pvt Ltd is founded by the alumni of IIT, IIM and DCE, based in Delhi with backend office in US. It is the fastest growing education company in India, with the portfolio comprising of K-12 education products and is actively working in 12 countries world-wide. To Start SmartSchool, franchisee seekers need to fulfil basic requirements as per company policy.

Respond Right

Founded in: 2015
Franchising since: 2015
Franchise units: 10 - 20
Initial investment: $7,500 - $15,000
Royalty Fees: 16,66%

Respond Right Education program has been developed based on more than 30 years of continuous research in Japan. Children learn emotional and intellectual balance with these programs. The program is designed for 1.5-7 years. Respond Right believes in Right brain education. They are pioneer to launch right brain education in India.

Mathnasium Learning Centers

Founded in: 2002
Franchising since: 2003
Franchise units: 275
Initial investment: $3,000 - $10,000
Royalty Fees: 10%

Mathnasium is an international chain of year-round learning centres where children go to improve math skills and is the world's most effective after-school mathematics learning centre for children. If you’d like to own a business that focuses specifically on helping kids with math, Mathnasium is one of the most recognizable franchise names in the country.

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