Rock Gilis Coffee - Cafe Franchise Investment from $57,000
Es Pasco - Cafe Franchise Investment from $500
M Coffee & Milk - Cafe Franchise Investment from $1,270
Wyndham - hotels and resorts franchise Investment from $1,440,000
Ziggi's Coffee - Cafe Franchise Investment from $199,700
Abhaydata Investment from $140
Applebee’s - Bar and Grill Franchise Investment from $2,009,038
Chili's - restaurant franchise Investment from $1,395,695
Wings Etc. - grill & pub franchise Investment from $351,200
Dutch Bros - coffee shop franchise Investment from $150,000
Teapioca Lounge - cafe franchise Investment from $220,000
Corner Bakery Cafe - Cafe Franchise Investment from $843,000
Creams - Desserts Franchise Investment from $349,795
Costa Coffee - Cafe Franchise Investment from $335,137
C House Italia - Cafe Franchise Investment from $100,000
Mango Mania - Cafe Franchise Investment from $76,500

Coffee franchise opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia is the third largest coffee producer in the world. Indonesian companies supply coffee of various quality range. Though the Indonesians themselves were considered not to be coffee lovers, the trend for coffee shops as well as advertising campaigns on social networks have also impacted the country citizens. The demand for coffee services motivated such famous international brands as Starbucks and Coffee Beans and similar fashion coffee shops to capture the market. They are ready to grow their business by selling their franchise opportunities to novices willing to enter the market.

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