Low-Cost Franchise Areas to Explore If You're New to Franchising

| 21.05.2021
Low-Cost Franchise for New to Franchising

If you dream of being entrepreneur and you want to feel more confidence in your first steps in doing business, franchise may help you to realise your dream without imminent risk which are inherent in an ordinary business. According to statistic, the fifty percent of businesses are forced to be closed after 5 years living. Unfortunately, this number is rising and after 10 years living the amount of closing businesses increase to seventy percent. Moreover, another U.S. research which was held in 2018 showed that the rate of franchise who survived after 2 years living was 7 percent higher than autonomous businesses. The benefit of franchising model when you are only at the start of your way like an entrepreneur is that you have a well-tried business model and well-established brand.

Franchising has become from B&M business which was very expensive to a business which nowadays exist in almost all sectors and more importantly with very different investments. If you want to follow a more customary path , a well-established brand costs higher than 50,000 USD, but there are a lot variant of franchising with the lowest prices at these days. If you are looking for a low-cost franchise, fortunately, today you have various choices in completely different industries. It is no matter if you have your own savings or you get a severance pay from your last job, or maybe you have a startup capital entry or you can get a public financing, any way you don’t need to rob the bank to begin your own business.

We now look at low-cost franchise areas which you could explore to have an important business advantages and opportunities.

Improve housing conditions and technical support of home

Franchises in the area of housing improvement and its technical support are for you , if you have knowledges in this way and want to work in this industry. These direction of franchise business has passed a very long way from non-original painters who had just finished college. Such areas like pool and sauna service, renovation works, land art, clean-up service, blinds, garage doors, floor covering are some of the most marketable. For example, Budget Blinds franchise with starting investments from 19,950 USD. Also, SlipDoctors franchise with starting investments from 8,000 USD could serve as an example for a beginner.

The provision of educational services for adult and children

If you have a teacher education or maybe you have a perfect knowledges of the subject and you feel that you want and ready to share your skills and experience with the world, you can pay attention on teaching, babysitting or advancing knowledges like dance, choreography, playing musical instruments, also you can teach someone science, technology, engineering, mathematics or painting. All of the lessons you can provide to the client’s house or to the third side service. Verbatoria Talent Quotient franchise with starting investments from 4,990 USD and Coding Giants franchise with starting investments from 8,400 USD are good examples.

Animal welfare

If you are interested in working with pets, franchises in this industry are very popular now. Statistic shows that in 2017 sales of services connected with our furry friends have raised twice over the last 10 years. You can draw attention to pet training, pet sitting, pet foods, fish meal and ect. BookingCat franchise with investment from 4,530 USD is a good example.


A lot of people have a passion to the restaurant business and someone ever wanted to open your own place with an excellent kitchen, but opening cafe or restaurant could be very expensive and brings you an avoidable loss. Entrepreneurs who are new to franchising more and more choose such business like delivering, stalls and something small that less expensive than a full-fledged restaurant but can help you to making money. Also you can highlight vending with investments less than 2,000 USD. Briskly franchise with starting investments from 1,770 USD can be viewed as an example.

Beauty and fashion industry

If you are dreaming a world of beauty and fashion and don’t want to be associated with a strict office work, you can find a large number of franchises in the area of salons or fashion. There are a huge amount of franchises in hosting events, beauty and tanning salons, makeup artists services and ect. Mertel franchise with starting investments from 5,415 USD, Supercuts franchise with starting investments from 29,500 USD is a good example.

Business consulting

Even if you leave an office work but you still want to be linked with corporate sector but on your own terms, you might explore franchises related to business coaching, leaderships programmes or maybe you can pay attention on your own business of personnel recruitment. The amount of investments depends on which franchise model you choose, but costs varies from 25,000 USD to 50,000 USD. For example, Padgett Business Services franchise with starting investments from 20,200 USD.

Opportunities which are available with the franchise business could be attractive and income-generating, but at first you need to check all pitfalls which can meet you if you are not prepared. We advice you to talk with franchisers who has been already working on their own franchise for sometime and who can share with you their experience. Also you should prepare a business plan, calculated the budget and risks. Moreover, you should understand that you break up with you last work with eight-hour working day and a five-day working week, you need to understand that your own business can be more time- and energy-intensive.

We have briefly considered the most accessible areas for begginers.

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