Best Chicken Franchises to Own in 2024

| 07.06.2024
Best Chicken Franchises to Own in 2024
The allure of the culinary world lies in its ever-evolving landscape and unending hunger for innovation. Amidst this sprawling domain, chicken franchises emerge as beacons of allure, drawing investors with promises of tantalizing returns. As we head into 2024, the appeal of these franchises has only intensified, fueled by shifting consumer tastes, groundbreaking business strategies, and the enduring adoration for chicken as a versatile and beloved protein. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the best chicken franchises in 2024, highlighting the golden opportunity that awaits aspiring entrepreneurs in this flourishing sector.

Best Chicken Franchises

1. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Year of Establishment: 1972
Franchise Launch Year: 1976
Number of Franchise Units: 4000+
Investment Needed: $383,500-$3,695,800
Royalty Charges: 5%

Embark on a flavor-filled journey at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, where Southern charm meets culinary innovation. Delight in their fiery fried chicken and mouthwatering biscuits, celebrated worldwide for their boldness. With cutting-edge menu creations and viral marketing tactics, Popeyes reigns supreme in the realm of fast food.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2. Wingstop

Year of Establishment: 1994
Franchise Launch Year: 1998
Number of Franchise Units: 2,000+
Investment Needed: $325,616-$974,733
Royalty Charges: 6%

Elevate your wing experience to new heights with Wingstop's tantalizing array of sauces. From traditional Buffalo to adventurous Mango Habanero, Wingstop offers a personalized dining adventure that beckons guests back for more. Their seamless, tech-savvy ordering system ensures every wing lover's journey is as smooth as silk.


3. KFC

Year of Establishment: 1930
Franchise Launch Year: 1952
Number of Franchise Units: 29,000+
Investment Needed: $1,852,825-$3,771,550
Royalty Charges: 4%-5%

KFC, the global ambassador of fried chicken, tantalizes taste buds with its legendary blend of 11 herbs and spices. From iconic bucket meals to finger-lickin' fusion delights, KFC's offerings cater to all palates. Constantly evolving with plant-based nuggets and fusion feasts, KFC stands as a beacon of versatility in the chicken universe.


4. Slim Chickens

Year of Establishment: 2003
Franchise Launch Year: 2011
Number of Franchise Units: 214
Investment Needed: $1,628,900-$4,389,000
Royalty Charges: 5%

Experience the essence of Southern hospitality at Slim Chickens, where freshness reigns supreme. Indulge in their succulent tenders, flavorful wings, and satisfying sandwiches crafted with love and homemade recipes. With a warm ambiance and deep community ties, Slim Chickens earns its place as a cherished local gem.

Slim Chickens

5. Golden Chick

Year of Establishment: 1967
Franchise Launch Year: 1972
Number of Franchise Units: 200+
Investment Needed: $1,191,350-$1,913,300
Royalty Charges: 4%

Golden Chick, born in the heart of Texas, dazzles diners with its golden-fried delights and savory marinated treasures. From signature yeast rolls to innovative creations like catfish and roasted chicken, Golden Chick offers a diverse feast of comfort cuisine that leaves patrons craving more.

Golden Chick

6. Bojangles

Year of Establishment: 1977
Franchise Launch Year: 1978
Number of Franchise Units: around 800
Investment Needed: $622,500-$3,647,200
Royalty Charges: 4%

Bojangles dances onto the scene with its zesty Cajun-seasoned chicken and delectable buttermilk biscuits. Renowned for its hearty breakfast fare and refreshing iced tea, Bojangles has garnered a devoted following that cherishes its down-home cooking and genuine Southern hospitality.


7. Zaxby's

Year of Establishment: 1990
Franchise Launch Year: 1994
Number of Franchise Units: 900+
Investment Needed: $1,391,700-$3,266,200
Royalty Charges: 6%

Zaxby's invites guests into a world of whimsy and flavor, where chicken fingers, wings, and salads reign supreme. With their signature sauces and playful brand persona, Zaxby's carves out a niche in the fast-casual landscape, delighting patrons with quality and quirkiness.


8. Champ's Chicken

Year of Establishment: 1998
Franchise Launch Year: 2013
Number of Franchise Units: 400+
Investment Needed: $9,000-$349,000
Royalty Charges: N\A

Champs Chicken strikes the perfect balance between convenience and culinary excellence, offering hand-breaded delights and hearty sides for on-the-go patrons. Whether found in convenience stores or supermarkets, Champs Chicken promises a satisfying meal that fuels adventures.

Champ's Chicken

9. Chester's

Year of Establishment: 1952
Franchise Launch Year: 2004
Number of Franchise Units: 1000+
Investment Needed: $27,500-$296,500
Royalty Charges: N\A

Chester's crispy fried chicken and comforting classics bring joy to travelers and locals alike. With a commitment to consistency and quality, Chester's stands as a trusted choice for those seeking a quick, flavorful bite on their journey.


10. Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken

Year of Establishment: 2002
Franchise Launch Year: 2010
Number of Franchise Units: 347
Investment Needed: $503,879-$1,099,004
Royalty Charges: 3.5%-4.75%

Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken injects a cosmopolitan vibe into the chicken franchise panorama with its crispy culinary wonders and seductive array of sauces. Whether indulging in their double-fried wings or savoring their delectable drumsticks, Bonchon offers a tantalizing fusion journey that harmonizes traditional Korean tastes with contemporary panache.

Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken

11. Chicken Salad Chick

Year of Establishment: 2008
Franchise Launch Year: 2012
Number of Franchise Units: 240+
Investment Needed: $744,500-$990,500
Royalty Charges: 5%

Chicken Salad Chick reimagines Southern cuisine with its array of freshly prepared chicken salads. From classic to spicy, their offerings cater to health-conscious diners seeking a light yet satisfying meal that nourishes the body and soul.

Chicken Salad Chick

12. Buffalo Wild Wings

Year of Establishment: 1982
Franchise Launch Year: 1991
Number of Franchise Units: 1,250+
Investment Needed: $2,481,500-$4,804,800
Royalty Charges: 5%

Buffalo Wild Wings serves as the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts and wing aficionados alike. With an extensive selection of sauces and a lively atmosphere, it offers a thrilling dining experience that blends great food with the excitement of the big game.

Buffalo Wild Wings

13. Jack in the Box

Year of Establishment: 1951
Franchise Launch Year: 1982
Number of Franchise Units: 2,189
Investment Needed: $1,765,500-$2,761,600
Royalty Charges: 5%

Jack in the Box surprises and delights with its diverse menu offerings, including spicy chicken sandwiches and crispy strips. Constantly pushing the boundaries of fast food, Jack in the Box remains a relevant and appealing choice for a wide array of tastes.

Jack in the Box

14. Chick-Fil-A

Year of Establishment: 1967
Franchise Launch Year: 1987
Number of Franchise Units: 3,000
Investment Needed: $444,243-$2,338,786
Royalty Charges: upon request

Chick-Fil-A stands as a beacon of exceptional customer service and high-quality chicken sandwiches. With a menu focused on simplicity and community values, Chick-Fil-A has earned a devoted following as a beloved institution in the fast-food realm.


15. El Pollo Loco

Year of Establishment: 1975
Franchise Launch Year: 1980
Number of Franchise Units: around 500
Investment Needed: $768,750-$2,622,500
Royalty Charges: 5%

El Pollo Loco brings the flavors of Mexico to life with its grilled chicken marinated in a blend of herbs and spices. With a commitment to fresh ingredients and healthy options, it offers a unique dining experience that captures the essence of fast-casual cuisine.

El Pollo Loco

16. Raising Cane's

Year of Establishment: 2015
Franchise Launch Year: 2015
Number of Franchise Units: 600
Investment Needed: $768,100-$1,937,500
Royalty Charges: 5%

Raising Cane's captivates with its singular focus on chicken fingers, ensuring a consistently delightful dining experience for fans of crispy, flavorful fare. With a menu centered around fresh chicken and beloved sides, Raising Cane's remains a cult favorite in the chicken universe.

Raising Cane's

17. Church's Chicken

Year of Establishment: 1952
Franchise Launch Year: 1969
Number of Franchise Units: 1,535+
Investment Needed: $648,866-$1,896,300
Royalty Charges: 5%

Church's Chicken pays homage to Southern tradition with its classic fried chicken and honey-butter biscuits. Known for its bold flavors and generous portions, Church's has earned a loyal following that appreciates its hearty, satisfying meals.

Church's Chicken

18. Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

Year of Establishment: 1966
Franchise Launch Year: 1967
Number of Franchise Units: 125
Investment Needed: $428,300-$2,081,590
Royalty Charges: 4%

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken serves up homestyle fried chicken with a focus on quality and tradition. With a variety of mouthwatering options, Lee's delivers comforting meals that evoke the essence of Southern cooking.

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

19. Epic Wings

Year of Establishment: 1982
Franchise Launch Year: 2018
Number of Franchise Units: 26v Investment Needed: $454,160-$1,261,200
Royalty Charges: 5%

Epic Wings delights with its simple yet flavorful menu of wings, strips, and fries. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and a variety of sauces, Epic Wings ensures a consistently delicious experience for wing enthusiasts.

Epic Wings

20. Wing Zone

Year of Establishment: 1991
Franchise Launch Year: 1998
Number of Franchise Units: 60
Investment Needed: $420,800-$751,000
Royalty Charges: 6%-7%

Wing Zone invites wing lovers to explore a world of flavors with its diverse array of sauces and heat levels. With a commitment to quality and convenience, Wing Zone offers a satisfying dining experience for both dine-in and takeout customers.

Wing Zone

21. Wings ETC

Year of Establishment: 1994
Franchise Launch Year: 2005
Number of Franchise Units: 80
Investment Needed: $343,935-$2,768,833
Royalty Fee: 5%

Wings ETC combines great food with a laid-back atmosphere, offering an extensive wing menu and a selection of craft beers. With a focus on quality ingredients and social gatherings, Wings ETC provides a casual dining experience that brings friends and families together.

Wings ETC

22. Williams Chicken

Year of Establishment: 1987
Franchise Launch Year: 1995
Number of Franchise Units: over 40
Investment Needed: $75,000-$150,000
Royalty Charges: 3%

Williams Chicken delights with its fresh, flavorful chicken dishes that showcase the essence of Texas cuisine. With a commitment to community and quality, Williams Chicken has become a beloved staple in the neighborhoods it serves.

Williams Chicken

Advantages of starting chicken franchise

Booming Market Demand: Amidst a surge in global appetite, chicken emerges as the favored choice, lauded for its health benefits and affordability, captivating health-conscious consumers steering towards leaner proteins. This culinary versatility aligns seamlessly with evolving dietary preferences, marking chicken's ascent from trend to dietary staple.

Brand Recognition and Loyal Customer Base: In the realm of established chicken franchises, brand recognition stands as a cornerstone, fostering a loyal customer base synonymous with household names like KFC, Chick-fil-A, and Popeyes. This built-in loyalty ensures a constant influx of patrons, sparing franchisees the arduous task of carving out a reputation from scratch, ensuring immediate foot traffic and a sturdy customer foundation.

Proven Business Models: At the heart of owning one of the chicken franchises lies a proven business model. With franchisors offering exhaustive training, operational guidance, and marketing strategies, the risk inherent in new ventures diminishes significantly. This structured support enables franchisees to channel their energies towards expansion and enhancing customer satisfaction, rather than navigating the pitfalls of business infancy.

Diverse Menu Options: The allure of chicken franchises to own extends beyond traditional fare, embracing a diverse menu catering to eclectic tastes. From the beloved classics of fried chicken and zesty wings to healthier grilled alternatives and plant-based options, these franchises cast a wide net, appealing to a spectrum of dietary preferences and ensuring a steady flow of repeat visits.

Innovation and Adaptability: Innovation lies at the core of the leading chicken franchises to own, where adaptability to market dynamics and consumer trends reigns supreme. Whether integrating cutting-edge technology for seamless ordering or unveiling tantalizing limited-time specials to tantalize palates, these brands stay ahead of the curve, ensuring perpetual relevance and competitiveness.

Strong Community Presence: Beyond the realm of food, chicken franchises morph into community pillars, fostering strong ties through sponsorships, local events, and charitable endeavors. This grassroots engagement not only cultivates customer loyalty but also bolsters brand reputation, fostering a sense of belonging and trust within the community fabric.

Financial Performance and Growth Potential: Amid economic flux, chicken franchises remain resilient, boasting robust financial performance and unparalleled growth potential. With scalability at their core, these businesses chart a path to expansion and heightened profitability. Franchisees reap the benefits of collective buying power, streamlined supply chains, and economies of scale, translating into healthy profit margins even amidst uncertain economic climates.


Investing in a chicken franchise in 2024 unveils a tantalizing fusion of ownership stability, expansion horizons, and community resonance. The blend of fervent market demand, formidable company prowess, and unwavering operational support forges an ideal ecosystem primed for entrepreneurial success. As the tides of consumer tastes ebb and flow, the flexibility and inventive spirit inherent to chicken franchises position them to the forefront of restaurant entrepreneurship. Whether you're a seasoned investor navigating the seas of business or a budding entrepreneur seeking your breakthrough, the chicken franchise arena beckons as a sizzling canvas to leave an indelible imprint on the gastronomic landscape.
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