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Goodwill franchise
Goodwill - gastronomic supermarkets franchise Investment from $ 222,000
Paris Baguette franchise
Paris Baguette - Bakery Cafes Franchise Investment from $ 730,771
Southern Fried Chicken franchise
Southern Fried Chicken - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 65,000
Arabica Coffee House franchise
Arabica Coffee House - coffee houses franchise Investment from $ 50,000
Coffee Like franchise
Coffee Like - coffee-to-go franchise Investment from $ 14,000
Great Harvest franchise
Great Harvest - Great Harvest Franchise Investment from $ 107,000
TUCANO COFFEE - coffee shop franchise Investment from $ 84,600
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 1,442,550
Dairy Queen franchise
Dairy Queen - fast food restaurant franchise Investment from $ 1,083,525
Taco Bell franchise
Taco Bell - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 525,100
Jamba Juice franchise
Jamba Juice - juice bar franchise Investment from $ 238,600
Dunkin' Donuts franchise
Dunkin' Donuts - coffee shop franchise Investment from $ 228,620
Pizza Hut franchise
Pizza Hut - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 302,000
Tim Hortons franchise
Tim Hortons - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 680,900
Quiznos franchise
Quiznos - sandwich restaurant franchise Investment from $ 202,448
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Food franchise opportunities in France

The spectacular growth of food franchises in France has been supported by new trends. For example, health food franchises have become more popular because many people are trying to keep to healthier lifestyles. For citizens and tourists life becomes busier and more urban, so they eat out more rather than cook at home. There is a dynamic competition between such players in fast food market as Burger King Big Fernand, Five Guys, McDonald’s France and KFC, etc. The competition still requires new concepts aimed at higher quality and a higher average spend per transaction. Therefore, the demand provides many good opportunities for new business owners. Have a look at the best F&B franchise opportunities in France offered by us.