Southern Fried Chicken franchise
Southern Fried Chicken - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 322,850
MANEKI-NEKO franchise
MANEKI-NEKO - family restaurant franchise Investment from $ 162,000
Pasta Express franchise
Pasta Express - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 200,000
Los Pollos franchise
Los Pollos - chicken barbecue franchise Investment from $ 175,980
33 Penguins franchise
33 Penguins - ice-cream parlor franchise Investment from $ 17,670
RAMEN IROHA franchise
RAMEN IROHA - Ramen shop franchise Investment from $ 45,000
Burger Club franchise
Burger Club - fast food restaurant franchise Investment from $ 42,420
al Mamà Bistrot franchise
al Mamà Bistrot - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 135,000
Arabica Coffee House franchise
Arabica Coffee House - coffee houses franchise Investment from $ 169,000
Uncle Al’s  franchise
Uncle Al’s - American Cafe Franchise Investment from $ 68,000
Caruso’s franchise
Caruso’s - American Cafe Franchise Investment from $ 73,000
Tea Valley 茶食坊 franchise
Tea Valley 茶食坊 - restaurant franchise Investment on demand
Peroni franchise
Peroni - #1 honey franchise Investment from $ 1,150
Cone Cream franchise
Cone Cream - modern ice-cream franchise Investment from $ 6,900
SUBWAY franchise
SUBWAY - restaurant franchise Investment from $ 147,050
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Food franchise opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian cities are stuffed with American food franchise giants as well as exclusive to Saudi Arabia chains such as Al-Baik fried chicken, Kudu Bars and Pubbing. There are many coffee shops in the country which are very popular places for spending QT, because Saudi Arabia is strict Muslim country, where bars, alcohol and some kinds of meat are forbidden. Although there are many international brands which offer quality cuisine, the country provides a lot of opportunities for starting a profitable F&B Franchise business as it is densely populated and the consumer market is huge. Would you like to make profit by doing Food Franchise business? Have a look at the opportunities you can seize in Saudi Arabia!